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The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home. Like
any other space, it needs to be updated from time to time. If you want your
bathroom to be current with today’s trends, look amazing, and be functional;
there are a few simple tricks you can do. Forget gutting the place down to the
studs, these hacks can ensure your space shines like a new penny.

Change Out All The
If your bathroom hasn’t been remodeled in 10 years or more,
you probably have the old and very outdated gold fixtures. New fixtures are
modern and cool and mostly in a nickel or pewter finish. Try going for a shower
head that cascades like a waterfall or better yet one that has a rain type
pouring system. You need to be creative with the sink. Replace that old vanity
that was made from pressed wood and put in one that has some real pizzazz. The
round bowl type sinks are all the rage. Pair that with an awesome faucet and
you’ve brought your bathroom into the 21st century.
Revamp The Lighting
If you don’t have any natural lightening in your bathroom,
you will probably notice that the space is dimly lit. Can lights are all the
rage to enhance lighting in any room. They especially work great in the
bathroom. Hollywood style lights around the mirror are nice, but they don’t do
much for lightening the rest of the space. Can lights will not interfere with
the decorative elements and are hidden sources of brilliant light.
Glaze or Change Out
Tub and shower combos are becoming passé. People want a huge
shower with tons of nozzles and seats for two. If something along that caliber
isn’t in your budget, then a simple re-glaze of the one you have will do. Do
you see a pink toilet or a blue tub from the 80’s in your space? You don’t have
to tear it out. Having your shower re-glazed can do wonders for the space. It
will not only fill in any imperfections from aging, but it will also give it a
brand new appearance. It’s a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit. As far
as the toilet goes, you don’t want to change the tub and leave that old toilet.
For around $100 you can get a toilet that is modern and has all the water
saving efficiency to help today’s earth-minded crowd.

Whether you budget is $500 or $5,000, you can find simple
ways to revamp your bathroom in style. Be sure to work with professionals, like
those at Knights Plumbing & Drain, for installations or repairs. This can save
even more in the long run by making sure the job is done right. Don’t let one
of the most used rooms in the home fall by the way. You can make a plan and fix
it today.