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We all love the outdoors, sunshine and a fresh breeze. Sunlight floods every corner of my house and my consciousness. Chasing away the darkness, inviting me to rise and shine!While looking at the homes for sale I would look for such a floor plan for every room. A vast square hall-like home where sections are in the form of banks of few furniture pieces. Pillars would hold up the roof and are there due to absolute architectural necessity.

A place where my consciousness flowing through the house. Wandering from one section to another, reading a book sitting on a sofa next to a French window. Then floating free, enticed by a thought I read.A thought that invites day-dreaming and my gazerises to stare off into the verdant green. Higher over the treetops to chase the implications and possibilities.These are dreams that coagulate into thoughts on how to turn them into reality.

The roof has skylights that let in the sunlight and let me gaze at the moon and the stars as I lie in the bed. My consciousness in touch with the universal consciousness. The house has collapsible partitions made of glass, bamboo, and other kinds of woods. They are works of art from around the world. Such as the Japanese paper partitions painted in traditional form, a Kashmiri rosewood partition, etc. All these are extensible.

Extended only whenever necessary to divide the house into the sections demarcating the rooms. Otherwise, they serve as works of art along the walls. The glass windows and doors have blinds and roman shades. The furniture is on wheels and is moved to a corner for a thorough spring cleaning.

The Living room–has a stone fireplace with large sofas placed such that one can see the vast outdoors. There is a two-way shelf that holds books and knickknacks and a centre table. It is lit by natural light. There are floor lamps scattered around the place wherever necessary. There are fairy lights draped all over the house. Among the plants and over the shelves etc to lend a magical ambience to the place.

The Kitchen cum dining area–has stone floor and counters. Lined with every appliance in steel to experiment with recipes. There are a walk-in pantry and a high counter that doubles as a working cum dining area surrounded by large and comfortable high chairs.

The Bedroom–has a king-size wooden bed facing a bank of windows. I wake up at dawn and look at the sun rising over the horizon. There are light fixtures in the roof. Nothing mars the perfection of the wooden floor. The only other furniture in the area is a bedside table and a wooden cupboard that also functions as a partition on wheels.

The Bath room – has a stone tub and floor enhanced with river pebbles and plants. A rainfall shower and a waterfall shower head complete the outdoorsy feel. The skylights let out the dampness and steam.There is a commode and sink with the usual modern plumbing.

The garage, veranda and portico –The house has a wraparound veranda with a swing and a work table where I pot plants, etc. The garage is in the front under the portico with a retractable roof to protect against the monsoon.