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According to various research and studies, buyers prefer purchasing fully-automatic, top-loading washing machines. The prominent reason behind this consumer behavior is ease of washing process. The buying trends in the washing machine segment prompted us to curate an article on best top loading washing machines. If you are considering buying a top load washing machine, these options will surely grab your attention.

Haier HWM 60-10 Top Load Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic, 6 kg)

  • Best Selling Price – Rs 12,999
  • Key Technical Aspects – 1000 rpm, 325 Watts, 6 Wash Programs, LED Display, Anti Rust Body, Foam Detection feature

Haier washing machine is an ideal appliance for the buyers who are seeking fully-automatic machine at an affordable price. The 6 kg capacity is suitable for individual and small families. The outer fiber body resists rust formation and scratches whereas the inner stainless steel tub ensures durability longevity. Intelligent functions like Fuzzy Logic and Soak Function are vital for removing tough stains from the fabric.

Godrej GWF 580A Top Load Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic, 5.8 kg)

  • Best Selling Price – Rs 10,999
  • Key Technical Aspects – 700 rpm, 425 Watts, 3 Wash Programs, LED Display and Touch-screen pad, Active Soak Mode, Automatic Softener Dispenser

Godrej is trusted by millions of satisfied customers across India. The brand has been successful in retaining the trust by developing an efficient yet affordable fully-automatic, top-loading washing machine for the buyers. The intelligent features such as Active Soak Mode, Automatic Softener Dispenser, Fuzzy Load, Imbalance Load Corrector, etc. are immensely beneficial for accomplishing washing chores with ease.

Whirlpool WM Classic Plus 651S Top Load Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic, 6.5 kg)

  • Best Selling Price – Rs 14,799
  • Key Technical Aspects – 740 rpm, 360 Watts, 4 Wash Programs, Error Indication feature, SPA Wash System, Child Lock feature

This particular top load washing machine from Whirlpool is integrated with intuitive features that facilitate saving water and reduced tangling. The ZPF technology speeds up the water filling process even if the pressure is as low as 0.017 MPa. The washing drum is 50 % less perforated, thereby, resulting in reduced tangling and reduced lint production.

IFB TL-RDW Aqua Top Load Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic, 6.5 kg)

  • Best Selling Price – Rs 16,499
  • Key Technical Aspects – 720 rpm, 6 Wash Programs, 360 Watts, Aqua Spa Therapy, Digital Display, Aqua Energie Mechanism, Smart Sense feature

IFB top load fully-automatic machine is equipped with loads of features that ensure you get spic and span laundry at all times. The Smart Sense feature is capable of analyzing the laundry load, thereby, optimizing water requirement, detergent requirement, number of rinse cycles, etc. The Triadic Pulsator incorporates three washing mechanisms to remove the toughest stains in a single wash.

Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S Top Load Washing Machine (Semi-Automatic, 7 kg)

  • Best Selling Price – Rs 9,299
  • Key Technical Aspects – 1450 rpm, 3 Wash programs, 350 Watts, Smart Scrub Station, Auto Restart, Super Soak feature

If you are not biased towards fully-automatic machines, you can invest your money in Whirlpool semi-automatic machine. The 1450 rpm and 350 Watts power ensure power-packed performance. In addition to this, the Smart Scrub Station elevates the laundry so that you can scrub them without bending. Further, the Auto Restart feature resumes functioning after a power cut. The inbuilt memory aids in restoring the process from the last washing point.

Nowadays, most of the top load washing machines are enriched with smart features. Besides paying attention to these features, don’t neglect the basic aspects such as RPM, power consumption, wash cycles, and so on. After all, a perfect washing machine is the one that has everything in proportionate measures.