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Trends come and go in interior design as with everything but that certainly doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Interior design is fun and is something everyone can embrace from someone living in a studio flat to someone living in a 10 bedroom mansion. Avoiding any kind of trend would mean trying to create a house so devoid of character that it would make Burt from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang depressed. The other option is to just stick with one trend and never change but that then creates the “mum and dad” house of our childhood where everything felt like it was stuck in the 70s/80s. So embrace the trends and have fun with them and the latest thing to do really is fun; colour pop is the new black!

Bold Colours

There are two thing going on at the moment and one of them is bold colours. This is nothing new but as paints get better and better and the range of colours gets broader the choices are exploding for those who want to look. Dramatic purples, blues for feature walls and cabinets are a strong favourite. But also emerald greens and deep turquoises are also proving very popular. These colours can be employed on furniture as well as solid parts of the room. The fear of over bearing hues is something of the past and people are really going with their heart when it comes to big colours. Colour offers a bold hit when people walk in; something interior designers seemed to be afraid of in the past. Who cares if someone doesn’t like it, if you love it others will too. Here are some examples of bold choices to prove bold is definitely back.

Colour Pop

The idea of colour pop is very simple, executing it correctly is a little harder. Basically you take a fairly plain room and throw in one bit of bold bright colour. This creates a clear statement from one piece and this is essentially the “pop”. There are an almost un-ending number of options you can use to create a colour pop. Below is a list of parts of the room you might bring some colour too

  • A single wall
  • Wardrobe
  • Window frame
  • Chest of drawers
  • Single chair
  • Desk
  • Lamp shade
  • Radiator

The key is not to use anything that becomes a colour scheme in itself. So choosing to go bold with all the kitchen units will not create a pop it will just be a bold colour scheme….nothing bad about that but it ain’t no pop.

Think single pieces or small areas of colour that stand in glaring contrast to the rest of the colour scheme.

Chairs are a great option for a colour pop because they can be moved into other rooms if you change the theme and continue to bring colour for many years to come. Companies like www.cheekychairs.com are creating some amazing options for colour popping.

When thinking about painting an existing feature like a window frame head to colour pages like Dulux to get ideas. If you are sure you are going to paint the frame then some tester areas won harm it so go wild!

As discussed, going bold on all kitchen units is not a pop but companies like https://www.recurostyling.co.uk/ offer custom and tailor made options to allow you to add colour to certain doors bringing some serious pop to the party.

Be Brave but Not Silly

There is a line to be aware of when it comes to bold colours but it is almost impossible to measure ad it is something that can only be defined by experience. Without being a professional interior designer you will find it hard to get experience right? Wrong, just use the enormous raft of online content to look for colour pops gone wrong, and examples of bold colours used in various home types. This will help create a barometer in your head that will stop you going too far. That being said, help the fun of bold colour is to go for it and as has already been said; who cares if one person doesn’t like it. What you need to try and avoid is going so far with colour that no one likes it at all and even you find yourself struggling with it after a week or two.