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A room can feel dim and closed off when it doesn’t get enough natural light, and sometimes regular windows just don’t do the trick. One way to add more light into a room is to install a skylight, so that sunshine can descend from the ceiling and fill the entire space. If you need to bring a bit more brilliance into your London, Ontario home, consider renovating your rooms with skylights.

Open up your space and fill it with natural light by installing skylights or sun tunnels during your home renovation. These windows provide dynamic angles and fresh contemporary design to a room, much more than the average picture window. Although they may seem like they are only prized for their aesthetic, high-quality skylights are fantastic when it comes to functionality as well. Skylights can be designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable, so that you can keep the cold temperatures outdoors and heat your home through thermal insulation and sunlight. If you want to get a high-quality skylight for your home, research to finda reliable window and door company in your city and request a consultation for your home improvement.

 In Your Bedroom

 Design your bedroom with a skylight, so that your entire space will be illuminated as the sun rises. Many people purchase natural-light alarm clocks to help them wake up in the morning, but a skylight doesn’t require batteries and will be far more effective. In the evenings, you can curl up in bed and read a book underneath the beautiful night sky, or lie quietly with your partner and stargaze.

 In Your Bathroom

 You may be surprised to learn that one of the best rooms for a skylight installation is the master bathroom—this is the bathroom that either has a shower, bathtub or both inside of it. A bathroom typically foregoes windows in order to have privacy, but a skylight allows for you to have a window and keep your privacy at the same time. Your neighbours won’t accidentally peek into your bathroom window, because your neighbour would have to be standing on top of your roof to see through the skylight.

The design also amplifies the atmosphere of the master bathroom, so that it feels like a place of relaxation and calm — imagine taking a refreshing shower while sunlight filters in through the ceiling, or soaking in the tub at night under the full view of the stars. These windows will make any master bathroom feel like a beautiful and tranquil escape in the middle of your home.

If you are looking to add more openness and light to your London home, start your renovation by getting skylights or sun tunnels installed. These magnificent windows are a brilliant design choice that will spruce up narrow spaces and fill them with natural light, whether it’s a master bathroom or bedroom. Look for high-quality and energy-efficient skylights so that you can fully enjoy the functionality and beauty of your home improvement.