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Front gardens can often get neglected in
favour of the larger back garden, as you spend less time relaxing in the front
garden, past entering the house you don’t really see it, and there can be many
other aspects of your home that take priority. However if you are planning on
selling your home soon, or at least if you are hoping to make a few good first
impressions, one way to do this is to spruce up your front garden.

This is not an impossible task, it just
takes a little bit of thought. So take a look at a few of our top tips on how
to bring out the true beauty of your front garden.

How far are you willing to go?

When looking at redesigning your garden you need to
make sure that you choose low-maintenance plants and features, particularly if
you’re not a keen or experienced gardener. Do your research before buying!

Flowers to Suit the Season

Obviously beautiful summer blooming plants are a given, but why not add a
bit of sparkle to your winter garden? There are certain plants and flowers that
bloom during the colder months, making your front garden seem magical when all
other gardens look bleak and dreary. By tailoring your garden to suit the
season, you can make sure it shines all year round.

Water Features

Whether a pond, a sprinkler set or something as small as a water fountain,
adding a water feature makes a great focal point to your garden and provides
some diversity. Try to find something that is relatively low maintenance and
has low running costs as you don’t want to spend more time looking after it
after the initial set up.

Choosing the perfect Garden Fence

Fencing can be a great way of adorning your new
garden features and with a wide range of different fencing options available
out there, it is a good way of adding that little extra bit of ‘spice’ to a
garden without it being too overbearing.

Choose from;

Closeboard – Closeboard fencing is one of the most popular forms of fencing
and is what you would see in many back gardens. They come in different sizes
designed to fit your own garden space and you can choose from a number of
different timbers in order to get the right look you need.

Picket –
One of the more ‘classic’ styles of fencing. The picket fence is
also known as timber palisade fencing and is great for adding privacy and
security to a garden without spoiling a pretty view of the garden itself. 

Trellis –
Can be used independently or in conjunction with closeboard
fencing. Normally coming in diamond or square designs, this fencing can be used
to divide different garden areas or to increase privacy in a crowded
See what types of fencing your neighbours
have and try to coordinate. While their choices might not be to your taste, it
is better to blend in than to stand out in a neighbourhood, as this can cause
some difficulties especially if you are planning to sell in the near future.

First Class Flooring

Wooden decking? Natural stone stepping stones? Or just a simple gravel
path? The flooring leading up to your front door can be as elaborate or as
simple as you like, but it is important that it is in keeping with the rest of
your garden. Try to avoid using different types of flooring (i.e; stick with
paving stones if you have paving stones in another area of the garden) and try
not to go too overboard with colours. Good garden paving should be neat and
nice to look at, but it shouldn’t detract from the rest of the garden.

Of course there are a huge number of
smaller details you could consider when creating a beautiful front garden, and
we have only covered a few of these here. Doing a little background research on
nice gardens that make the most of the space available, or front gardens that
provide a good focal point will give you a good idea of what you might want
your garden to look like.
While a professional gardener can help you
get your affairs in order, sometimes working out what looks good and what
doesn’t is all a part of the fun. Once you’ve finally finished you can sit back
and enjoy your handiwork, or get back to the drawing board and trying to start
on the back garden as well!

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