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When the season’s change and the temperatures start to drop, your home’s HVAC system provides you with the heat you need to stay warm. As great as it is to have an efficient heating system, the moment you crank it up your utility bill goes through the roof which could set you back financially. While some homeowners simply brave the season and shell out more cash, realistically, there are ways to keep warm without breaking the bank.

Service Your Heating System

Your heating system is a machine that’s working all the time during the cooler seasons. In order to keep operating efficiently, it needs to be serviced by a professional. Hiring a contractor for maintenance and heating service repairs will ensure that the system isn’t overworking itself which drives up the energy prices.

Close the Chimney Flue

If your home is fortunate enough to have a fireplace it is important to keep the chimney flue closed when it’s not in use. Leaving it open allows warm air to escape from the house forcing you to crank up the heat even higher.

Cover Windows and Doors

A lot of cold air can enter your home through cracks in the windows and doors. If you’d like to keep your heating prices down, it’s a good idea to try to cover your windows and doors as much as possible. You can apply plastic window kits to the windows to keep cold air out or invest in heavy window treatments like drapes to block the draft. As for doors, use weatherstripping and caulk to seal any cracks or holes you see.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

Thought those ceiling fans were only necessary for the warmer months? Well, truth be told they can help to heat your home in the winter. Turn the ceiling fans on in the opposite direction and they’ll help to circulate the heat throughout your home.

Space Heaters

Sometimes, you don’t need to heat the entire house to get warm. However, once you crank up the heat it’s going to keep blowing until every room in the house is the correct temperature. To reduce the amount of heat you’re using, you could invest in space heaters. This allows you to thoroughly heat the rooms you’re using while saving heat in other areas of the home.

Bundle Up

You can reduce the need for heating the house by making sure that you stay bundled up. This doesn’t mean you need to have on a coat, hat, scarf, and gloves in your home, but wearing flannel pajamas, warm fuzzy socks, and perhaps a robe would help warm you up. This would reduce the need to crank up the thermostat.

Your heating system is convenient when the weather starts to get cold outside, but it can be a huge issue financially if you’re not prepared. Whether you live in an older home or a newly renovated development property there are effective ways that you can conserve energy which reduces wastes and your utility bills during the winter. Hopefully, these solutions will keep you and your loved ones snug as a bug all season long.