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There’s something majestic about the idea of installing your
own waterfall into your home garden. The tranquil sounds and movement of
running water delivers a whole new dimension to the beauty of outdoor ponds,
giving homeowners an unbeatable location to escape to and wind down after a
long day. Cognitive science has shown that running water can soothe the mind,
encourage relaxation, and improve your mood – all within a very short space of
time. What’s more, the natural ambiance can go a long way in overpowering the
sounds of noisy neighbors, bustling traffic, and modern environmental chaos.
Installing your own waterfall can also have a benefit for
the wildlife that you cultivate at home, by aerating the water throughout your
pond and attracting new species of birds. So how can you get started with
building a waterfall of your own?
1. First, Choose The Location

In some circumstances, choosing the perfect location for
your waterfall can be easy. For instance, if you have a completely functional
pond, then the chances are that you’ll want to create your waterfall around its
position. Many landscape designers try to take advantage of the natural slope
within a property, or erect berms (artificial slopes) in gardens comprised
mostly of level ground. The amount of slope that you’ll need depends on the
waterfall you’re trying to build, but at a minimum, you’ll need a 2 inch drop
for every 10 feet of stream. Remember, the steeper your slope is, the louder
your waterfall will be.
2. Make Sure You’re Near A Power Source

Remember, when selecting your waterfall location, you’ll
need to ensure you’re close to a power source. You’ll need the lower basin –
the system that sends water back to the top of the waterfall in a continuous
loop – to be close to an outlet so that unsightly extension cords don’t need to
string across your pristine garden. If you’re hoping to keep fish in your pond,
you should also be sure to position your waterfall in an area that still offers
plenty of space for them to swim without turbulent water flow.
3. Select And Position Your Rocks
Once you have your plan and position mapped out, you’ll need
to select some attractive rocks for building your waterfall up. Most waterfalls
contain three different sizes of stone, including boulders used to frame the
waterfall itself, medium-sized connecting rocks and small stones or gravel,
which fill the bottom of the stream and close up gaps between crevices. You can
collect rocks from natural places in your local area, or buy a collection from
a nearby home improvement store. Remember, don’t be afraid to be creative, and
if you want to keep your water running over, rather than under the rocks, you
can purchase foam to seal up the cracks.
4. Choose The Perfect Pump
The right pump is pivotal to the success of your waterfall.
The option you choose needs to be powerful, consistent, and reliable enough to
sustain your pool, and you may find that you need to do some research before
you find the ideal solution. You can rate pumps according to GPH, or gallons
per hour, and you’ll need to find one that can circulate the entire volume of
your pond on an hourly basis. This means that if your pond has around 1,500
gallons of water, you’ll need a pump with at least a 1,500 GPH capacity. If
you’re unsure about your pond size, it’s usually a good idea to opt for a more
powerful pump. At the same time, don’t forget to factor in how high you want
your waterfall to be, as every inch of spillover will need another 100-200 GPH.
5. Keep Your Pond Pristine
One crucial element to include in any water feature or
aqua-based garden project is a pond skimmer and filter. Skimmers are mechanical
filters that capture debris as water passes through, meaning that your
waterfall will stay looking fresh and pure as the filter gathers leaves,
plants, and other unwanted items. Remember that the hardware you choose will
need to be capable of handling the complete flow and volume of your entire
Show Off Your Waterfall

Once everything’s in place, you can plug in your pump’s cord
and test your waterfall flow. The chances are that you’ll have to make a few
adjustments before everything is perfect, but eventually you’ll have a
beautiful natural addition to your home décor. Remember, finding the perfect pond supplies, from powerful pumps, to skimmers
and filters, and even the right rocks are just a few steps you’ll need to take
on your journey to garden bliss.
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