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Last year, there were over 2 million burglaries in the United States. Each one averaged thousands of dollars in stolen jewellery, electronics and other valuables. These rates are shockingly high, and trends look like the problem is only growing worse over time. With crime rates this bad, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you and your home are always protected. Robbery is not only a threat to your physical assets, but also to the health of your property and the safety of yourself and your family. While you may think that a robbery would never happen to you, the statistics beg to differ. Even if you live in what you perceive to be a really safe neighbourhood, there is always a risk of becoming a robber’s next victim.

We say this not to scare you, but to make you aware of the problem so that you can take proper preventative measures to protect yourself from harm and financial loss. There is no excuse not to invest in effective security measures for your home or business. The cost of added security will always be better than the cost of dealing with a break-in and everything that comes along with it. At Wynstan, we offer a wide range of security windows, doors and screens that can help protect your home from theft and increase the overall comfort and wellbeing that you feel while there.

Protect Your Home or Business With Crimsafe Security Solutions

You may be wondering why our security products are better than what you could get elsewhere. For one, we only partner with quality suppliers like Crimsafe to ensure that all security doors, screens and windows we install adhere to industry standards of safety and function. While cost-effective, our Crimsafe products offer maximum value for money. They are known for being one of the best security companies on the market thanks to their soundness and customisable solutions.

Wystan is also known for our energy efficient windows, doors and screens made according to Energy Star regulations. Our Crimsafe by Wystan products all fall within these guidelines, making them an optimal choice not just for their security benefits but also their economic and environmental ones.

And while many security features such as metal bar or grilles can be quite unsightly, that is not a concern when you partner with Wynstan. Our Crimsafe doors, screens and windows are visually appealing, allowing lots of natural light and just as much airflow as you would expect from any standard variety. They can be customised to suit any size space or any building style according to your needs and desires.

Why Security Initiatives Matter

The United States has one of the highest burglary rates in the world. Given the level of threat, preventative tactics should be non-negotiable. Installing high-quality security doors or windows in your home is a worthwhile choice for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Just the sight of a security system can deter thieves, let alone the actual protection itself
  • Mesh screens and doors add an extra level of privacy as they keep passersby from being able to see inside
  • Security doors and windows can add value to your home, business or other property
  • When you install security fixtures, you may be able to reduce your home and asset insurance premiums, as you will be consider a lower risk to your insurer
  • One added feature of security screens is that they not only keep people from getting in, but also from getting out unintentionally (for example, security windows can prevent your children from falling through them, and security doors can prevent them from getting outside when you’re not looking)

But of course, the greatest benefit of all is that security doors, windows and screens- when made of premium materials and manufactured using top-tier practices- are the most effective way to keep unwanted intruders from accessing your home, your family and your belongings.

Other Ways to Minimise Your Risk

In addition to the aforementioned, we’ve come up with a few other tips to help keep you safe and secure from intruders. Here are a few of our top tactics:

  • Keep a light or two on when you leave so it looks like someone is home
  • If you have a dog, take solace in the fact that homes with audible barking noises coming from them are less likely to be broken into
  • Install an alarm system, cameras or other security features in your home
  • Always keep your gates locked and hide any spare keys in very secure locations

While any theft prevention techniques help lower your risk of becoming a burglar’s next victim, some methods are better than others. Installing a security door or window system from Wynstan is a guaranteed way to protect your home. All of our Crimsafe products come with a warranty to ensure your home is just as secure a few years down the road as it is right when we install your new security screens.

If you’re ready to give your home the added level of protection you and your family deserve, contact the team at Wynstan today.