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Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been
in your current home for several years and you’re looking for a change of pace,
renovating your living room can have a number of benefits. It offers a new
opportunity for designing your perfect living space, can help bring the family
closer together and even increase the value of your property, if done in the
right way. But how can you renovate your living room without completely
redecorating the whole place? We’ll have a look at a few small-big changes that
you can make to improve the appearance and atmosphere of your living room.

Walls looking bare? Try

Bookshelves or photo frame collages if you’re not
one for reading. Bookshelves are a beautiful way of filling up the space and
you can fill them to the top with your favourite novelists, cookbooks you’ve been
longing to try or even DVD’s and CD’s if you’re more of the ‘digital’ type.
Bookshelves come in a wide variety of shapes, timbers, colours and sizes to
suit all living room designs so go nuts if that is to your liking! Bookshelves
also add to a more ‘classical’ living room design, so if you’re looking at
bringing back the more traditional concept of the living room, bookshelves are
the way to go.

If you’re less keen on books, photo frames
that hang on the wall or photo collages are also a great way to fill up the
space. You can add some of your favourite photos of family members,
achievements you’re proud of or anything you like really. The photos make a
fantastic personal touch and also facilitate conversation for guests when they
first arrive.

Tired of using the TV as a focal point?
Try instead

A fireplace or hearth. Fireplaces are beautiful
ornate furnishings that go very well in any style of living room and some
styles of conservatories. Available in large styles or smaller, more compact
designs, fires and fireplaces give off a real ‘homely’ atmosphere, even when
they are not on! You can choose from electric fires to proper roasting log
fires to simple decorative fireplaces if you’d rather use a more contemporary
method of central heating.

Adding a fireplace instead of a TV
encourages people to actually talk to one another, play games or even read a
book in the living room instead of simply sitting in silence in front of the
gogglebox. Large brands such as Burley, Valor and Faber provide models and products
to suit living rooms of all sizes. Plus, beautiful ornate fireplaces look
practically stunning at Christmas time, particularly if you’re fond of

Have Pets but also Have Guests? Try

Throw rugs for pets. Having larger domestic pets
such as cats and dogs can be a real joy, but you also have the issue of a lot
of extra hair during the change in seasons (or all year round for some
species). Instead of considering a hairless species, consider perhaps a throw
rug specifically for the pets. The rugs and blankets are placed over the
furniture when the pets are allowed in the living room, and then removed when
guests come round to visit.

The rugs and blankets will attract all the
extra hair, leaving far less mess and less time spent cleaning up for your
guests! Plus with a dedicated set of blankets specifically for the dogs/cats, you
can easily wash those rugs in preparation for the end of the guests stay, or
even have the blankets on rotation so you have a clean set ready for when your
guests leave. Excellent!

Small Space? Try

Using colours to your advantage. With any kind of
interior it is important to consider the wallpaper and painting in order to get
a good feel for the space within the room. Remember that dark coloured
furniture and walls will make the space appear homely, yet compact whereas lighter
colours allow for a more spacious air. Using white walls will help to open up
the space and make it appear larger than it actually is. On the other hand, if
you want a quaint, compact living room, you’ll want to furnish it with darker
accessories and carpets.

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to
you whether or not you want to change the style and design of your living room.
The purpose of the living room has changed slightly over the years and in some
households the ‘old style’ living room may be greatly missed. Whether you want
to focus more on family related activities of old – board games, telling your
stories of the day and the like – or you just want a nice quiet room where you
can hear your thoughts without modern technology intervening, why not take into
account some of the suggestions we have listed here.
Article provided by Wakeford Fireplaces, a family run
business in Surrey with over 30 years experience supplying, installing and
servicing all types of fireplace.