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the lifestyle you want in a luxury pool is like coming home to a vacation
everyday after a long day at work. Here are some serious signs of undeniable
luxury that you can incorporate into your pool design to bring it to the next
level of fabulous.

infinity pool is a true sign of luxury living. Having that never-ending pool is
the ultimate luxury that one could ask for,” said Scott London of Sunday’s Off,
a Minneapolis pool service. “No sense of restrictions…just
freedom. There is just something that is so relaxing about having an infinity
pool that is hard to put a finger on. Maybe it’s that it’s different from the
average residential swimming pool that makes is seem far superior, hence
placing it in the category of luxury design.”
Fountain or Waterfall
We have
seen all the pictures or have been to resorts that have built in waterfalls
that look natural and flow into a pool. Well, a real sign of a luxury pool is
to have just that. The sweet sound of a rushing waterfall while you are
floating away on a nice summer day doesn’t get much better, unless you are in
your own private pool. A sign of luxury is to be able to have a pool with a
water element, such as a waterfall or a fountain, that you can enjoy in the
comfort of your very own back yard.
Swim-up Bar

those who love to entertain, a swim-up bar is both a practical and
sophisticated sign of a luxury pool,” said Brett Cournoyer, owner of a Minneapolis
flooring company
a swim-up bar that is fully stocked will be the envy of everyone who gets to see
and enjoy your fabulous splash pad. There is nothing like entertaining your
guests while being able to “WOW” them all at the same time.”
relaxation is where practicality meets luxury lifestyle. It’s about making
dream vacations come true right in your very own back yard. That is everything
a swim-up bar represents.
Bottom Design
your pool to display a centerpiece of artwork in your back yard is another mark
of great luxury. As lovely as pools are in and of themselves, you can take it
one step further by using the bottom of your pool to display a beautiful piece
of artwork. Hire a tile master that can create a luxurious design that will
enhance the overall look of your pool. You can choose from a general design or
even customize it to the max with your own emblem or initials. Make it yours
and be proud to own that luxury pool. The design on the floor of the pool will
make it look like even more of a work of art, even when it’s not being used.

your pool in the ultimate sense of luxury is likely going to make you even more
of a homebody, but if you have the pool of your dreams…who cares?