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Showerheads can bring you problems if you don’t have the best. Do you know that every year showerheads account for trillions of liters of water that is consumed? Do you know the implications of this on your utility bills and the environment? Worry no more as I am going to help you make an informed decision on how to get the best showerhead for your family. You are going to get the best rain shower head that meets the approved standards by the fed and efficient use of energy and water. The shower heads that I am about to recommend to you are tested to give you the best flow rate of up to 2-gpm and a temperature that stimulates, refreshes and suits your needs at pocket-friendly rates. You will discover that you will actually spend up to four times less than you expect. This clearly makes you a winner as the products are of best quality and standards. Therefore, if you are using too much water, these are the showerhead options that you need. Their flow rate is slow and saves more water with options to address certain user conditions like those of the elderly or handicapped persons. Now you can change your shower head and start getting benefits immediately. It is easy to install one by yourself, and all you need to do is to unscrew the old showerhead and use a plumber tape for a perfect fit, and there you are with your new showerhead.


The different types of showerheads are differentiated by their flow rates. These various types are made based on the federal regulations and standards. There is a fixed showerhead that is usually attached to the arm or wall. This showerhead can be changed by just unscrewing them and fixing them where you want. It also comes complete with features for massaging, rain and saving water. Another type of showerhead is the handheld that can be used to offer more convenience like washing children, pets, and even the tub. This type of shower comes in different lengths that range between 60 and 72 depending on which suits your needs. There is also the water saving showerhead that uses as little as 1gpm. This type is suitable for clients who are very conscious about their water and energy use. The shower also works well with low-pressure water. Another type of showerhead is the spray and massage showerhead. There is also the rain shower head that usually rains on you as you shower. Theadvantage of this showerhead is that it displays its water evenly and lightly and is good for wide distribution. It is also effective in areas where there is plenty of water with good pressure. There is also the dual shower head that has both the fixed and the handheld feature. Other features of this type are the spray patterns and massage that can give you a refreshing and stimulating bath. Other types include the body sprayers and the slide bar that have special features as compared to the prior types.


Depending on your bathing needs, the above types can offer you a combination of features that perfectly suit you. For instance, you can go for aerating showerheads that have the abilities to mix water and air to come up with a misty spray that gives you a more substantial feel. The outstanding features of models with these abilities also include cooling of water and aeration by up to 15 degrees and sustaining the best temperatures for your shower. As for handheld showerheads, the outstanding features include giving users abilities to spray water on any part of the body because of its mobility.Best rain shower head features include a wide head that allows a wide spray that gives a soothing and soft flow just like raindrops. If you need to be customized showerheads, then the body sprayers are what you need to buy. Its features include specialshower valves and ability to work independently with a showerhead. As for the slide bar, its prominent features include being adjustable and customizing to a user’s height.

Know before you go

Before you go ahead and buy a showerhead, the perfectcharacteristics that you should bear in mind are what you need in a showerhead. A question to ask yourself is whether you need a showerhead that is handheld or fixed models. Irrespective of your preferred model, the handheldshowers are more versatile and can as well work with the fixed models when sitting on a bracket or better still be removed and used to focus a spray on a particular part of the body. You alsoneed to know about the spray pattern that you need before you settle for the most suitable showerhead. Other things to look at are; your height and choose one that is appropriate for you and your family members. You should also take into account the water pressure to your home and ensure that it will at least sustain a flow rate of up to 2.5 GPM. You should also consider if you or any of your family members will require an extension armand make provisions for it when installing the shower.


From the above review, you are now better informed to make the right decision about the best showerhead for your family. There is need also to appreciate that the best showerhead is the one that delivers a steady and strong stream of water. It is also the one that maintains the temperature of the water, reduces the use of water, easy to install, simple to adjust and durable to give you total value for your money. Water is increasingly becoming scarce as the effects of global warming become real. The world needs sustainable solutions to global water challenges. The solutionis luckily not far but just right before you at the shower enclosure. Don’t hesitate, take bold steps, it is time to change that old showerhead and get the new one. It will reduce your water and energy use while sustaining the global water resourcess.