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No outdoor living area is complete without patio furniture. Patios, decks, porches and plain gardens wouldn’t be the same without the right furniture. But what exactly is the right furniture?

The answer varies from home to home. Choosing the furniture for your outdoor living area depends on various factors such as size, style, design, use and others. Patio furniture has to be both comfortable and durable. Finally, the furniture needs to fit the concept of your outdoor living area. Are you going to use it to relax with a good book or throw barbecue parties for your friends and neighbors?

Read on to find out how to choose the right patio furniture for your outdoor living area.

Available Space

When choosing patio furniture make sure to mind the available space. If your patio is narrow, stay away from bulky pieces that will take up all the available space. Huge pieces work best with open areas like backyards. However, don’t trade in comfort for space. There are a lot of comfortable but compact furniture pieces that stray from the usual table and four chairs patio stereotype.


When talking about patio furniture, homeowners usually go for 3 essential pieces: a couch, a table and chairs. Then they build the rest of the design around them. Perhaps you want the couch to be the centerpiece or find an imposing decorative piece to put in the spotlight. Either way, before you go out shopping for furniture, visualize how you want your patio to look like. This leads us to the next item.


Probably the most important factor when choosing your outdoor furniture. The first question you need to ask yourself is how you want to use the available outdoor space. Do you want to spend quiet evenings there or host various parties, from kids’ birthdays to dinner with friends?

Most homeowners prefer to use the patio as a place to relax. They often use patios to retreat and read a good book or just spend nights gazing at the stars. So before you go shopping for furniture, make a list of all the activities you have in mind for your patio. If you don’t plan to host a lot of parties there you won’t need as much sitting space or a dining table and can invest is a more comfortable sofa or even a bed.

Comfort, Style and Quality

The three most important traits of good patio furniture are comfort, style and quality. Having good looking furniture is not enough if it’s made from low-cost materials. Outdoor furniture is more susceptible to wear and tear, which is why you should look for furniture made from resistant materials like rattan, metal, wicker or solid timber.

A timeless and most effective choice is definitely wicker furniture. Not only does it look great in an outdoor setting, it is very durable and highly comfortable.

Remember that with outdoor furniture, quality is far more important than quality. When choosing outdoor furniture make sure you choose pieces that can last you a lifetime, not temporary placeholders. You can read more about why quality is important when buying outdoor furniture here: http://blog.skylarshomeandpatio.com/blog/why-you-should-by-high-quality-patio-furniture

Storage and Care

If your outdoor living area is not covered you have to think about protecting your furniture. Make sure your furniture can be moved inside to protect it from severe weather conditions like wind, hail, rain or harsh sun. If you live in an area prone to these conditions, make sure you choose furniture made out of more durable materials. You should also choose materials that are easy to maintain, or else you’ll be spending more time cleaning the furniture than enjoying it.


Finally, with patio furniture, you have more artistic freedom when choosing the color scheme. You don’t have to stick to the usual neutral colors like beige or white. You can play around with colorful finishes to really give your patio a personality. Think bright blue, yellow or red finishes.