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If you’re unhappy with the interiors of your house, you don’t need to break walls or move. A paint job can transform your house in ways you can’t imagine. In fact, our response to a place or space has a lot to do with color, more than anything else. Colors have a way of making us feel better, affecting our psyche and emotions. Here’s how you can choose the right paint color for your home:

1. Think about what kind of color scheme you need- would you like to follow one color throughout the house or a combination of colors per room? Perhaps you’d like a highlight wall in the living room. Once you know how many colors you need, you can move on to the next step.

2 Start with a room at a time- it can be quite unnerving to think of the entire house or apartment as one big paint job. Go one room at a time. And one wall at a time. Try for a strip of the wall and put your furniture and furnishings around it to get a sense of the total effect.

3. Think about a color wheel- these small wheels are a great friend when it comes to painting jobs. A wheel compromises of primary and secondary colors and shows you what the connection is between colors and whether they harmonize or not. Find one that also tells you about how colors relate to each other. This will help you visualize better.

4. Consider how much paint you’ll need- some painting works are straightforward; a coat or two and you’re done. Some works may employ decorative techniques- stripes, stippling, sponging, that will require more paint. You can go wrong in your estimate of paint cans if you don’t consider the technique you’ll be using.

5. Think about long term- a paint job is permanent and can’t be changed as and when you want. So, while you might a color, do think about what it will mean to live with it. Would you be okay with seeing it each time you walked into the room? Don’t think of a high drama color for the entire house. It can get boring pretty quickly and may not have the desired effect you want.

6. Consider the occupants- if you have pets, older people, or young children staying with you, you must make sure that the paint you use is safe for everyone, but especially the most vulnerable.

7. Get samples from hardware stores- start with a small paint tin before you decide to go the whole distance. That way, you can always change your mind, without breaking the bank.

8. Think about what mood you want to create- when people walk into your house, how do you want them to feel? Peaceful or trippy? Impressed or amused? Depending on this, you can choose colors that reflect your aesthetic.

Choosing color for your house is not an easy task or a quick one. Take your time with this. You’ll have to live with the results for a while and it should be worthwhile. Once you have decided on the color you can hire the services of a residential painters NYC, for the best possible look.