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Are you all set to renovate your home interior?

Most of you tend to transform the interior with the change in interior assets and deliver a new appeal to your home. The walls can be well decorated, but when it comes to flooring, you have multiple options including area rungs and decorated tiles. In case of decorated tiles, you will be having a onetime investment. However, you will not be able to change the flooring later. Coming to the rugs, you have a wide opportunity of using versatile designs and formats that suit your flooring.

But buying a quality rug is not easy. There are many vendors and sellers available offline as well as online. If you are looking for a better source to buy the area rugs, visit Bold Rugs. Even though, it becomes tough how to actually choose the best rug for your home and renovate the whole interior. While choosing rugs, size becomes a prominent factor. So, here are some basic but important tips to choose the right size rugs for your home.

Selection for Living Room:

In terms of Living room, the orientation of your room will be an important factor. Along with that, the presence of sofa or other heavy furniture will be considered. While buying area rugs for your living room, you should consider vacant space behind heavy furniture to deliver constant floor design to the room. The use of single rugs will be beneficial in case you have all your furniture against your walls.

Selection for Dining Room:

The dining table is mandatory furniture in your dining room. So, there is not any mess in terms of rugs selection. You can choose the rectangular or square rugs based on the room structure. There are two options in terms of rugs selection for your dining room. If you have a circular dining table, you can choose circular rugs else you can choose the size according to the room structure.

Selection for Bed Room:

area rug for bedroom

In case of your bedroom, the placement of your bedroom will let you decide the right selection of rugs. If your bed is placed in the mid of your room, you need to cover the entire area of your room, else you can opt the open area and leave the covered area of your room.

Selection for Home Entrance:


This is the area where you can choose whatever you find suitable. There are no prescriptions for choosing rugs. You can check versatile designs available online and place anyone at your entrance to make it look appealing.

Additional Tip:

There are versatile options that you can choose to add design to your room and make it appealing. You can either go with the right size rugs for every room or you can opt for small rugs to fill the open space.

While choosing the right size rugs size becomes a major factor and hence it’s important to take an idea of your room sizes and move ahead with the purchase of best area rugs for your home.