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Choosing which trees to plant in your garden is never truly easy – if you don’t take your time and don’t consider all important factors, you can regret your decision in years to come. Trees will grow, becoming more beautiful and bigger with each year, but they can also give you plenty of trouble in form of rotting fruit, bees, and bothersome sticks. These are just some of the reasons why you should think carefully before you plant a tree in your backyard, not to mention that you need different trees for decoration and privacy.

If you need shade soon

If you were hoping to get some shade in your backyard, and to get it fast, it’s best if you avoid hardwood. These tend to grow slower, but they also live longer – oak, elm, birch, and cherry. If you want to see flowers and get shade as soon as possible, you should choose one of the fast-growing trees such as American sycamore and red maple. These are usually smaller, have soft wood, and will grow fast (but, in turn, won’t live as long as hardwood). You might think that planting a bigger tree by your house will be a good choice, but you’ll spend hours cleaning leaves out of your gutters that you’ll regret the decision soon enough. Plant taller trees near the edge of your yard, and smaller ones near your house. When the leaves start to fall, simply use a leaf blower vacuum for easy clean up.

The best ornamental trees

For those who don’t like the idea of rotting fruit falling into their carefully mowed grass, ornamental trees are the best choice. Lovely magnolias will make your backyard smell divine, and delicate redbuds’ tiny pinkish-purple flowers will make you enjoy the spring even more. What is more, redbuds’ leaves are heart shaped and this will allow you to use the leaves for decoration all though summer and fall. Senkaki is also incredibly popular, but its beauty becomes more prominent in fall instead because of its breathtakingly beautiful leaves. Green leaves slowly turn to a soft yellow with a bit of orange, and bright red twigs offer great contrast which will make your garden look like a fairy tale.

Water-loving trees

If your backyard has poor drainage, you’ll have a hard time growing anything – flowers, vegetables, and herbs will rot in soil that’s just too wet. Landscape architects from Sydney state that this is where water-loving trees step in: they can correct the poor drainage in your backyard. Weeping Willows are known for their love for water, but also try planting green and black ash, pears, and swamp cottonweed. These trees love wet soil, and they will thrive even in standing water.

Get a helping hand

If you’re not quite sure whether you’ll do a good job, and it’s important to plant the right trees in right places, you can hire experts to help you. Getting a professional help will result in your garden looking good and all plants being placed in the right positions which will allow them to thrive. All your dreams about having a perfect garden can become true if you make the right choice. It’s a good investment too, because if you ever think about selling you home, a lovely garden will help you get a good price.

It’s important to know what you need your trees for: privacy, fruit, or just to make your yard look nice. Depending on the purpose and the conditions in your backyard, you can choose the perfect tree. Keep in mind that growing trees is a long process, and sometimes it takes a decade to get the results you want. You will learn to love every season because each will bring you something new – flowers, lush greenery, or a soft rustle of leaves.