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When it comes to choosing shower screens there are endless options out there. There are budget-friendly plastic ones that are called shower curtains, which are ideal for a viable budget. Also there are shower screens which are made of stiff or thick plastic that tends to resemble glass but is actually plastic or even fiberglass. Then you have the classic shower screens made of glass that can be etched or even colored as per your requirements. You can also consider opting for multiple colors instead of just plain hues. Embellished designs or abstract etching enhances the look of your screen.

Choosing Decorative Shower Screens

Some Awesome Tips On Choosing the Right Kinds of Shower Screens-

One of the first and foremost concerns when it comes to selecting a shower screen would be the kind of material that you want. Here the focus should be on selecting a fabric that is water-friendly. So a wooden screen in the bathroom is not advised – at least for the shower side. But you can think about plastic or fiberglass and even regular glass. They help in creating a cool division so that water doesn’t spill out from the shower and you can keep the rest of the bathroom dry.

The other option of having shower screens that are made with etched glass or even more solid glass pieces would be to ensure privacy. This is specially suited for people who are sharing apartments or have others using same bathroom. This way, if you have a colored or an etched glass in the cubicle, you are getting your share of privacy – but your roommate can use the basin with ease. So it is a sensible and practical option.

How Much to Cover
Besides this, you should also consider what kind height you want with the shower screen. A lot of people prefer opting for cubicles that are partially covered. So this way, the screen offers enough protection to keep the bathroom from getting wet, but is still open on the other side. This reduces the hassles of opening or closing your screen. This is also a budget-friendly option as you save on the mechanisms of doors here. But if you want your shower area or tub area to be completely covered, you can opt for a push or sliding door option.
Choosing Decorative Shower Screens
Setting Up the Screen
When it comes to setting up the shower screen, you should hire a professional. And there should not be any second thoughts about it! As hiring a professional will ensure a fine finish with no loose ends. Secured screens, hinges and fixtures also add to your safety. Remember that when it comes to quality glass screens or fiberglass screens, the costs do go up a bit more. But it also means that you get a product that lasts longer and requires minimal repairs. Remember, even a slight lapse here could be potentially dangerous. With the glass or screen collapsing, you can injure yourself. A sturdier screen will last for years and minimize the risks of such accidents too. Opting for sturdier designs, which a professional fit, assures longevity.

There are a variety of shower screens to choose from along with a wide range of designs, budgets and even styles. You can easily pick something that not only fits your budget constraints but also the style of life. It is possible to make these screens as luxurious as you want or tone it down – keeping it minimalist. Keep these factors in mind when selecting them and install these decorative and functional screens for your bathroom!