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Bathtubs can be a tricky point of concern when it comes to
redoing your bathroom. As arguably the most cumbersome and difficult to remove
appliance in your house, changing it can seem like a daunting task. Then there
is the potential headache of picking its replacement.

So, how best do you go about the process? What is the best
course of action to take if you want to find the perfect new bathtub for your
home? Here are the steps you should take.
Measuring up
First things first, you have to figure out the space you have to work within. This isn’t
the criteria that will ultimately decide what bathtub you get, but it will be
important – you can’t have anything too big, or anything that won’t fit in the
area due to it being an irregular shape.
You may need to take two sets of measurements. First, the
existing bath. Even if you intend to get something bigger, or smaller, it helps
to have a comparison, and have a reference for a bathtub size you know will fit
inside the space. Then, you’ll want to measure the total floorspace available,
so you know exactly what you are dealing with.
Choosing the new one

Now it’s time to pick out the replacement model. Make sure you
take a picture of the existing bathtub, and the bathroom at large, so you have
a visual example of the room as it exists, instead of relying on memory. This
will help you better picture new bathtubs in your existing bathroom.
It’s at this juncture that you have to choose from the wide
variety of baths available. Do you want to go freestanding or claw footed
(where the bath is suspended on bronzes legs), to suit your traditional, high
class bathroom? Or are you looking for a more modern whirlpool model? You should
also factor in materials, as there are lots to choose from – acrylic is the
most typical material, but there are also metals, marble, fibre-glass, and
natural material models on the market.
You also need to consider the needs of others in your home. Do
they need big bathtubs, or perhaps even a walk-in?
Removing the old one
Once you’ve chosen your new model (be sure to get in it and
make sure it’s comfy first, with clothes on though!), you attention will turn
to the existing bathtub. If you have a freestanding bath already, you may be
set to avoid a big headache. If you aren’t that lucky, you have some points to
Removing a bathtub is going to cause mess, there is no way around
that. You will also be creating a mess when you install the new one. This could
mess up the rest of your bathroom decorating. Firstly, there is a chance that
things could be damaged in the removal. Also, your flooring and wallpaper or
paint won’t cover the area your bathtub has just vacated. If you have a tub
that is the exact same size, this won’t be a problem, but if it is different,
you may have to redecorate.
So what we’re suggesting is using the bathtub change to kick
off a redecoration. Accept that the flooring and the walls will need redoing,
and make time to redo them after the
new tub is installed. If you’re happy with the sink and the toilet, just take
special care to protect them during the process.

Follow these steps, and you’ll hopefully end up with the best
bathtub you’ve ever had.