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The kitchen is often the busiest room in the home, so it’s really easy for it to get cluttered – which isn’t good for your stress levels or waistline. A study found that when kitchens are cluttered, they cause us to overeat. When your kitchen is small, it’s even more susceptible to clutter because you might not have enough storage space. Here’s how to organize and declutter your kitchen so you can get on with creating delicious meals for the family.

Use Space On The Wall

If your countertops are cluttered and you don’t have much space in kitchen cabinets, look up. Your wall space is probably going to waste. A few shelves, even floating ones that prevent the room from looking cramped, can be all you need to get extra storage space for crockery, while keeping your must-have cooking utensils within reach.

Stick To The Must-Have Appliances

Your countertop is usually where you stack all your appliances, like your juicer, toaster, kettle, and more. But ask yourself if these appliances need to be so available every day. Which ones do you really need? Make space for a maximum of two or three appliances, such as your trusty coffee maker you use multiple times a day and your microwave, and pack the others away in a nearby cabinet or on a shelf so that they’re not cluttering your countertop.

Pack Or Toss Things You Don’t Use 

Take a hard look at kitchen tools and items. When last did you use them? Even though you might really want to hold onto all those Tupperware containers, if they’re not being used on a regular basis, they’re creating clutter. If you haven’t used an item for the last few months, it’s time to give it away. As for items that only come out of hiding once a year, such as those special cookie cutters you use for Christmas baking, keep those in a different room of the house so that they don’t get in the way of your daily kitchen use.

Store Things In Jars

If you’re running out of storage space and drawers, store cooking utensils or food in jars. Mason jars always look tidy, and you can decorate them with a bit of DIY to add style to your space. These jars are especially great for storing foods you use regularly, like pasta, grains, eggs, and cereal. By removing the chunky packaging these foods came in, you can save loads of kitchen space!

Bring Storage On Wheels

If you’re running out of storage, bring a cart into the kitchen. This is a fantastic idea for gaining more space for things, especially when it comes to items that you don’t really want cluttering your countertops. Examples include junkmail, letters, bills, and shopping lists. By keeping things filed and stored on your cart, you prevent them from getting in the way of your kitchen activities. Try to match the cart to your cabinets or color palette to maintain a harmonious décor style.

There’s no place for clutter in the kitchen! Not only does it make you disorganized, but it gets in the way of your beautiful kitchen design. By adopting some decluttering tips, your kitchen will be a breeze to use and you’ll want to spend even more time in it.