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Summer is all about colors. It is the time of the year when everyone steps out with less load of jackets and mufflers on them and enjoy the summer fruits, parties, brunch with friends and family and of course go for holidays! When I think about summer colours for this year, there are three palettes that I’m going to divide them into:  Summer Fresh, beachy and Pastels.

The major colors for this summer are orange, Blue, green, violet and yellow. But the shades of these colors are what make the difference. For those who like going to the brighter side in summer, they can go for Radiant Orchid, Freesia or Darker tone of Yellow, celosia orange, turquoise, red and violet tulip. These colors are fresh and make you feel fresh and more energetic as well. Colors like Radiant orchid, red, or violet tulip give you a very sensual look and can be perfect for a romantic dinner or a more intimate gathering. Where as Yellow, turquoise and celosia orange are more fun and will be perfect for a friends day out. No one can ever go wrong with these shades in summer no matter what your skin tone is.

If you are someone who goes for more calm tones than bright ones  but still having the colours than you can go for the beachy palette. It includes peach pink, mint green, grey, sand brown, grass green and any shade of blue. You need to be careful about your skin tone with this palette. if you have pink undertones than you can go for the opposite undertone colours of the palette so that you don’t end up looking overdone.  These are the medium shades, not too bright and not too dull so they can be worn at any occasion, a brunch or a shopping spree, a day at the beach or an evening with friends or family.

The pastels include the most subtle tones of the colours in trend for the summer. these include powder blue, pistachio green, steel grey, lemon, and mauve. THese colors can be worn by anyone in summer, and you will not just feel calm and soothing yourself but even to the eyes around you.

Well, if you are someone like me who wake up everyday in a different mood then you can pair up any of these palette to another. Also if you go to work and have a dinner in the evening without having much time to change. Just pair a bright tone solid in contrast with a more soothing color print. Or you can even mix and match all three of the palettes. We must not forget, summer is the time full of colors and so now is your chance to experiment any of the shades of these colors. Don’t be afraid of going wrong with these because these are the colours of the season and you can play with any of their shades and find the perfect one for your day.