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No matter how hard you try to cut costs around the house and be a hands-on homeowner, there always comes a time when the problems get too complicated or serious for a DIY venture. Such are the issues with electricity. While you may be quite capable of fixing smaller electrical bugs, when it comes to wiring, things are better left to the professionals. Here are several electrical situations that you should avoid solving yourself.

Water damage

Since electrical wiring runs through the whole house, one of the most common issues that arise is water damage. This situation can lead to a fire or shock hazard due to contact with moisture. The problem occurs where the wiring is damaged so it gets exposed to water. In most homes, wires are wrapped with paper and covered with plastic coating, but it can still break and lead to corrosion and water contact. This can cause the current in the circuit to increase and cause a shortcut in appliances which can damage the appliance in question.

This is a serious problem that should not be ignored, so at first sight of any water damage to the electrical wiring, professionals should be called in.

Burn marks on outlets

Another extremely dangerous issue is a burnt outlet. Any sign of smoke or burn marks is a sure sign of fire hazard and must not be ignored. The reasons for this are the following:

  • Excessive heat build-up in the outlet due to the fact that it is old and worn out so the area of contact has shrunk
  • Too many appliances plugged into a single outlet which causes overload and burns internal wires
  • A faulty or damaged wire inside the outlet

At the sight of any burn marks, you should address the matter immediately and contact your electrician.

The circuit breaker trips

The function of the circuit breaker is to protect the entire electrical system and ensure its smooth operation, but it is not safe from damage itself. Circuit breakers trip when the system is overload and the current exceeds its rated values for given appliances. If it happens frequently, it’s an indication that there is a generation of current much higher than originally rated. This can cause damage to your equipment and even start a fire. Circuit breakers have a complicated design that surely calls for a professional touch.

Funny sounds

Electrical equipment and appliances are not designed to make funny noises and humming sounds, so this is a clear sign that there’s a problem. The problem usually occurs when the sound frequency in the system exceeds the standard power and it happens most often with large appliances such as refrigerators. The cause might also lie in various wiring problems or even in the circuit breaker itself.

The buzzing sound is not a big problem if it only occurs seldom, but a frequent noise might mean there are more problems in question than just one. The best thing to do is to contact a seasoned pro, as this Blacktown electrician, who can offer a reliable emergency service and an expert insight that will ensure the safety of your home.

Burning odours

The final alarming sign is a burning odour which is often very difficult to determine where it’s coming from. Chances are it’s from the air ducts and ventilation. If so, your HVAC system is definitely not something you should get involved with, but rather leave it to the experts.

Electrical wiring runs throughout the whole house and tempering with it is equivalent to playing with fire. The best recommendation is to be on the lookout for any of these problems and not hesitate to call in the experts, since postponing or negligence can lead to dangerous outcomes such as fire and property damage. Play it safe and make your home a danger-free environment with the help of professional electricians.