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The term ‘home renovation’ seems to be very
exciting. But, this task comes with plenty of challenges. And if the things are
not done properly, even the small projects can become monsters. Hence, not only
a proper plan but also right execution is necessary. Well, if you are going for
one, make sure you avoid few silly mistakes.

To keep you home in a good condition, you need to
maintain it. However, after sometime every building calls for renovation. As
falls are approaching, the homemakers are keenly looking forward to renovation
work. Surely, it gives your house an entire new look. But only when done the
right way!
Yes, there are some common mistakes, often ignored by
the homemakers. If you are planning to start with renovations, make sure you
avoid these:

the Trends Blindly:

Well, it is good to check for the trends first, but it
is not necessary to go for them blindly. People often get carried away by the
popular trends in interior designing world. However, doing so will never lead
you to a good space. You have to first look for your living requirements and
then initiate with the designing purpose. You cannot get it changed now and
then. Thus, look for what is going to stay well for next 5 to 10 years. Still,
if there is something you really wish to have in your house, try adding them in
small doses, ensuring that the design could be transited to another decor

the Furniture Earlier:

If you are easily tempted by those sale offers, make
sure you don’t do it this time. While you plan to buy furniture for your dream
house, you need to first measure every corner before making a final purchase. In
case you are not sure, put it on a hold and go for an advice by expert interior
designer. Other thing you can do is start planning on the floor
beforehand.  Take an estimated
measurement for different items and furniture to avoid any kind of problems in

Thematic Rooms for your Children:

Your love for your children is understood. But, keep in
mind that kids grow up faster than you say. And so grow their needs. Thus,
creating a theme for their room might appeal them now. But after two or three
year they will definitely not like it the same way. Hence, spending more will
not be a good idea.

the Right People:

While there are a number of things you can try
yourself, yet if you need it to be perfect. DIYs will not leave an expert view.
Thus, when you are decided with renovation projects, make sure you hire experts
to accomplish it. Invest some time for searching the right team. You can go for
word of mouth by friends and family, or you can search it online. Look for
their previous client reviews and then hire them.

and Cost Matters:

Of course, you need to work on your budget first. The
first thing you need to understand is that renovation does not come cheap.
Hence a proper financial planning and budgeting will help in being realistic.
Meanwhile, you are deciding for the budget, it is also important that quality
comes first. Try to invest on quality materials, and learn to differentiate
between the two, i.e. inexpensive and cheap.  If you need, you can seek the opinion of an
interior designer or a contractor.  
You are investing a good amount of time and money in
renovation. Hence, you need to be little more cautious to make it worth!
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