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Tiles in your home increase the worth and attraction of your home. It changes the inside environment of the home outright and makes it vibrant and full of positive energy.

However, tiles bring several problems with them as well only if they aren’t installed correctly. Shocked! Anybody will be. What problems you may face with the tiles, you want to know it, right?

Well, I am writing this blog to inform you about common problems related with tiles and how you can avoid them, so do not worry, and read this blog with patience. This blog post will educate you about major problems that people face with the tiles.

Here are they.

Loosened tile:

The most common complaint regarding tiles is they loose with time. The number of such people is quite high who complain that the tiles have loosened from their original positions.

Do you know why this happens?

There is no one reason for it. Adhesives, weather conditions, substrate movement, and overload loosen the tiles. However, the good news is this is not such a problem that you cannot fix. You can easily set it with tiles restoration technology.

To avoid this problem, talk to tile installer before he starts his work, and he will use the best quality acrylic based additive and use high quality

This happens because different tile types react differently to the temperature and material used. This problem is not something that you cannot avoid. You can avoid it by using an acrylic based additive. When you discuss the problem with the tiles seller, he will surely inform you about the best additive to deal with this problem, take necessary measures to avoid loosened tiles, and give some important suggestions following which you can avoid it.

Cracked Tiles

Another most common complaint regarding tiles is they crack.

Do not worry. You can avoid this problem as well.


The first requirement is you purchase the best quality tiles. If the quality of the tiles is poor, undoubtedly, they will be more prone to get damaged. The next thing is tiles need at least four weeks care once they are installed. Anti-fracture membranes will also be helpful for you to avoid cracked tiles.


Moisture is also a major problem that people complain about.

Moisture on tiles often results in slip and fall accidents. Moreover, if any gaps exist between the tiles, the water might enter the floor.

This is not such a problem that you should worry about. Use wiper. Wipe the tiles whenever you notice moisture on it.

Talk to the tile installer in this regard and ask him to install the tiles a way that water cannot accumulate on the tiles and can get a place to enter the walls.

One big mistake that people often make is they do not discuss with the tile seller that for which place which tile will be ideal and they select one or two tile types and order for them. Don’t do this.

For bathroom and kitchen floors, you can consider ceramic or porcelain tiles. For walls, you can use glazed wall tiles. Mosaic tiles are also good for walls. Natural stone tiles are ideal for such places where moisture is not a concern. This is ideal for both walls and the floors. Quarry tile is ideal for flooring. Concrete or paver tiles are good for walkways.

Discuss it with the tile seller and installer, and they will help you select the best tiles for your home. One more thing, if you want to create an awesome environment in your home with the tiles, it would be a great idea to reach the best expert of interior design London.