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Curing concrete can be a problem especially in the cold season. This is why there are special equipment like concrete blankets to help you during such times. Concrete blankets enable you to keep on working even when the cold temperatures set in, they protect concrete from harsh weather elements that can inhibit proper curing and the entire curing process. You may want to know how it achieves this right? Concrete blankets are specially built and modified to protect concrete during cold weather. They are made from heavy duty reinforced poly coverings. There are a variety of companies that are manufacturing these blankets but the key thing is quality. Not all of them offer that.

Power Blanket concrete blankets offer the best when it comes to these useful tools. They provide a base for construction workers and household users to have their concrete secured and stable. There are a number of reasons why these blankets are better than any other that you can get from other suppliers and industries. The following are some of the reasons why.


The Power Blanket concrete blankets are strong and steady. They produce concreting strength of 3,925 psi in 72 hours for the cold weather. This becomes effective in enhancing the life of the concrete and helps to sustain it for longer periods of time. The curing process is usually very important, in fact it is one of the most needed processes to ensure that the building is strong and remains that way for even longer. Therefore it is important that you take the process serious and don’t skip it. In the cold season, it can become a challenge for you to cure the concrete and that is where the strength of the Power Blanket concrete blankets comes in. With their high psi strength, they are capable of helping in the curing process.


In terms of the speed of curing the concrete, the Power Blanket concrete blankets get the job done faster than any other concrete blankets. They cure concrete 2.8 times faster than the other conventional insulated blankets. When you are handling a construction site, the faster you get the job done the better for you. This is also tied on the quality of work that is done even with the speed. When the work is done well and with a fast speed, then this becomes very convenient for you. These concrete blankets give you not only a decent job, but also a speedy one at the end of the day.


These concrete blankets are quite easy to install and remove when you are done. Some concrete blankets are very complicated to install and even more so to remove. The removal process is especially very tiresome and hectic to do if the blanket that has been applied is conventional. That is why it is advisable to use these Power Blankets and get the most out of them. The good thing is that they are quite affordable and cost much less than other blankets in the market.