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Buying a Plastic Shed

A plastic shed is designed for a myriad of uses. The plastic floor is easy to clean and the windows and lightly coloured interiors keep the she from being dark and dingy. Even the plastic is especially designed. Typically, the sheds are built from drink bottle or shopping bag plastic which is hard, high density, and UV resistant, and designed specifically for outdoor use. For these reasons, plastic is becoming a popular choice amongst homeowners.

The Pros of Owning a Plastic Shed

1. Maintenance Free
Plastic sheds will not rust or rot. They also don’t need much maintenance. So, you will never have to treat, sand, or paint them. They’re easy to clean with soapy water.

2. Long lifespan

These sheds can stand the test of time. Water won’t affect the material, and today manufacturers have gotten better at creating the resin that won’t easily fade. What’s more, the plastic is relatively thick so it sufficiently insulates your possessions from the elements.

3. Easy to modify
A plastic shed is easy to modify to your unique requirements. If you want holes in the shed to put a generator in, for example, it’s no problem at all.

4. Aesthetically pleasing
A plastic shed looks great in your yard. Manufacturers make them look as though they are straight out of a storybook, complete with slate roofs and shutters, so they can even improve your property’s appearance.

5. Value for money
A plastic shed is well priced and offer a lot of space for the amount of money spent. They do require a good foundation but they also come with a floor which will also save you money.

6. Sturdy and well designed
A great deal of effort goes into producing a shed which means the design is well thought out. Both the usability and shape is excellent. Designs features can include reinforced roofs, windows, integrated locks, attractive door handles, imitation siding, and high pitched roofs.

The Cons of Owning a Plastic Shed

1. Strength and security
Plastic can be manipulated and bended. While they are being designed with thicker plastic, they can still be cut or forced open. Try looking for sheds that have been reinforced with steel and offer steel locking mechanisms.

2. Extreme temperatures
Plastic doesn’t like extreme temperatures. In direct heat they tend to get quite hot and can cause panels to buckle which means you are left with gaps for pests and rain to enter. In the cold, they contract which also leaves gaps for snow and water. Ensure the shed is installed correctly and try to place it somewhere where it out of extreme weather conditions like direct sunlight.

3. Assembly may be tricky
Putting a shed together can be hard work if the parts don’t line up. If a shed isn’t properly installed, the doors may be lopsided or fail to close. Ensure your shed is installed on a level foundation and that there is no forgiveness in joints and doors. Use dish soap or WD40 on the bottom of the shed’s walls over the piece that needs to click in as this will make it a lot easier.

Overall, owning a plastic shed that is correctly installed offers far more pros than cons! Talk to an expert and have a shed installed in your home.