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For years, baths were a fairly uniform decision – one long,
rectangular tub, and a choice of paneling. But now, in 2014, things are more varied.
Corner baths have become more and more popular, and now represent a true
alternative choice from the more traditional idea of a bath. Which one is right
for you? Well here are a few things to consider for both:
Corner Baths save
floor space.
Generally speaking, corner baths tend to be smaller, in
terms of square footage, than traditional baths. That, combined with their
position in the corner, means you not only save on overall floor space, but
also save on useable space. For example – if you have a freestanding bathtub,
there may be a little room between it and the wall, but not enough room to
really utilise. With a corner bath, there are no small gaps – the entirety of
your floor space will be available for you to fill as you see fit.
Traditional baths
tend to be longer.
Though this doesn’t necessarily apply to all traditional
baths, they do tend to be longer than their corner counterparts. Though they
may be able to hold the same amount of water, traditional baths will let you
fully stretch your legs. This, for most people, is an essentialy part of the
relaxing bath experience.
Corner baths have
more variety.

On the whole, traditional baths tend to be all the same
shape. Size and style may vary, but usually they are rectangular by design.
Corner baths, on the other hand, show more variety. Some are square, but others
have a smoothed out, edge. This style can range from a semi-circle, to a
straight side that curves in near the end.
Traditional baths are
the industry norm.
This may sound strange, but as traditional baths are still
the norm by and large, most bath accessories are built with them in mind. For
example, anything that has handles to be placed over the side of the bath will
have been manufactured for a straight edge, not a curved one. While accessories
built for corner baths exist, making the switch may mean you have to buy all
new accessories too.

There are more advantages for both traditional and corner baths. Really, all of this comes down
to personal choice. Both work perfectly fine for the job they set out to do.
Corner baths offer unique styles and extra floor space, whereas traditional
baths off practicality. Whichever package sounds best, go for – as long as the
waters hot, right?!