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Spa bathrooms are massively popular at the moment and it’s clear they’re far more than just a passing trend.  The importance of self-care is now finally making the mainstream press and has, at long last, been recognized as essential rather than a luxury.  For this reason, people have been looking at ways to transform the humble, everyday bathroom, into an effective health-and-wellness centre, where they can take care of their physical and mental wellbeing in the convenience and privacy of their own home.  Good spa bathrooms can also increase a home’s desirability and hence its sales value. Here are three tips on how you can create one.

Invest in a steam shower

Unless you have a really large bathroom and have space for a separate tub and shower, or, at the very least, a steam shower cabin which contains a bath as well, preferably a whirlpool bath, then steam showers are the way to go.  There are two reasons for this. The first is that spaces which are crammed full (of appliances, furniture or anything else), tend to feel cramped, which is not what you want, so switching from a tub to a shower can really open up the space and make it feel more relaxed.  Secondly, steam showers offer massive health-and-wellness benefits as compared to either regular baths or standard showers. In addition to the headline benefit of steam, they also have hydrotherapy jets so you can enjoy the benefits of massage every time you have a shower, plus even entry-level steam showers will typically have an aromatherapy module and a built-in radio, higher-end steam showers will have even more features such as Bluetooth connectivity and chromotherapy lights.  In short, your steam shower will become the core of your spa bathroom.

Clear your clutter, through purging and/or organizing

The good news about bathrooms is that as they tend to be the smallest rooms in the homes, they also tend to have the least stuff in them.  If you really want to create that spa feel in your bathroom, then everything which is visible needs to be attractive, it may be functional as well, but it needs to be attractive, and anything which is unattractive needs to be hidden, even if that means moving it elsewhere.  Ideally take everything out of your bathroom, go through it and purge anything you know you don’t need at all. Then think about what you need to keep in your bathroom all the time in order for it to function, for example, you will need a, single, towel, but you don’t need all your towels to be there all the time in order for your bathroom to be useful.  Once you’ve worked out where and how you’re going to organize the essentials, then you can look at what else (if anything) can be stored in your bathroom and where and how. Keep functionality in mind at all times, there’s no point in creating an organization system which will hold everything you want to keep in your bathroom if it means that people keep having to move things to get in at what they want and, more importantly, to put it away again, because human nature means they probably won’t and you’ll wind up with clutter all over your bathroom again.  Basically, keep it simple and make it nice and easy to put items away.

Make your bathroom appeal to all your senses

When you think of a spa bathroom, you may think of a place which is all white, that’s fine if it’s what you want, but even here, you need to introduce interesting elements to stop the bathroom from feeling bare and clinical, for example you could include white rugs on the floor, white, textured wallpaper and a white vase with white flowers.  Spa bathrooms don’t have to be all white, in fact they can be full of colour. They key point is that they are relaxing and appeal to all the senses. In other words, look for ways not only to enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom, but to add texture and scent too, maybe even leave some healthy snacks (wrapped of course) and give people access to music.  One of the great features of steam showers is that they have music options from radios to Bluetooth connectivity and have speakers which will work capably over the sound of a shower.