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Ah, the dream of waking up in the morning, and walking into your office in your comfy pajamas with a fresh cup of coffee in your hand is within your grasp! But it takes more than willpower and time-management skills to master the skills of working from home, and one aspect of your life that will affect your productivity and success is your office design.

Without further ado, let’s create a home office that will resonate with your personality and inspire you for hours of creative output and excellence!

Work-Friendly Environment at Home

Think ergonomic thoughts

Although an armchair seems like a viable choice from a comfort perspective, it’s not a viable solution to sit in a lotus position with your laptop on your knees and work long hours on a particularly demanding project. You have your beautiful posture and spine health to care for!

There are several practical (and comfortable) ergonomic seating options for your work environment that will easily fit into your existing room décor and serve you for years. And don’t forget that positioning of your desk, chair and laptop are also important – your screen should be a little below eye-level, while your elbows should rest comfortably parallel to the floor. You should also be able to place your feet firmly on the ground.

Mother Nature as your interior designer

We already know just how much spending time in nature and surrounded by greenery affects our creativity, productivity and encourages a positive mindset overall. Although you can’t really move your entire office outside, you can bring nature inside to breathe life to your little office.

Think: a pot of flowers or a green plant to purify your indoor air and give some spunk to your room, room organization so that your desk will be bathing in natural sunlight, and potentially with an alluring view of nature. And if you do plan to work late, make sure you have LED lights that are both good for the environment and protect your vision.

Work-Friendly Environment at Home

Prompt your organization

Not all of us are born managers, especially when we are at the mercy of the cookie jar comfortably placed within reach and our favorite show one click away. But before you say “I can wrap this blog up later” and start scrolling your Instagram feed, you need to become well-versed in the arts of organization.

First of all, don’t create clutter and chaos on your desk – keep it neat and clean, with quality pens, chargers and your external hard-drive always available. Put up a year-long wall planner to outline all of your most important deadlines and upcoming events, and create digital boundaries from the beginning, so turn off your non-work notifications and keep distractions at bay.

Storage basics

Whether you need A4 paper supplies for drafting contracts, books to help your online teaching, materials for your design business, or simple diaries and multi-colored pens, you also need to have a convenient place to put them all – and desk is not the surface you’re looking for.

Instead, you can add side pockets to your desk, or create a vertical storage space on the wall next to your desk to store your most important files and folders. If you work with many different clients, use color coding and transparent drawers to help you find your way in the maze of documents in your care.

Work-Friendly Environment at Home

Add charisma and personality

The fact that this is your work are shouldn’t stop you from giving it a fun, inspiring twist, because that might be precisely what you need to feel comfortable while you work and give you the extra nudge when your creative juices aren’t really flowing on a particular day. A photo frame or two with your loved ones, a fun vase with colorful flowers, or an inspirational quote printed out on the wall can go a long way in creating a warm, positive atmosphere.

If your mind and your spirit are stimulated by fragrances, why not use an essential oil or a mildly scented candle in the background that you will only associate with work? Bring your space to life by giving it that inviting, welcoming sense, and you’ll enjoy every hour even on your most challenging projects at home.