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Setting up a home office isn’t as easy as you’d think, especially if you lack a designated room for the office.

Cash and Carry furniture wants to be sure your home makes a design statement, no matter what the room. will help you take a look at some of the considerations while designing your home office.

First Things First

Before you do anything, think about:

  • Style. With today’s open plans, or if you are using a section of a room–or even if you have an entire room designated for just the office, you’ll need to consider transitions.

Otherwise, your decor will look jumbled, fragmented, incohesive and probably a little confusing.

  • Privacy. You’ll need peace of mind, free from noise or any other form of interruptions. Some furniture and flooring is noisier than others.  Carpet, for example, is a great noise insulator, shielding you from footsteps, electronic device beeps, conversations (both inside and outside), etc.

If your office is part of a room, think about room dividers like screens or even floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

  • Office furniture and equipment, including ergonomic chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, computer, fax, etc.
  • Insurance:  You’re probably okay if the home office is IN the house, but if it’s in part of the garage or even a shed, there may be an issue.  Also, you want to check that any equipment is covered in your plan. It’s always a good idea to run it by your broker.

Clever Areas To Consider For An Office

  • Under The Staircase:

Stack it!  Place a stylish storage cabinet with a bookcase on top..Then add s table and chair, some task lighting and maybe a little floral wallpaper pattern to match the walls (Remember those transitional spaces!)

  • Kitchen Corner

Here, you’ll definitely want some kind of room divider, task lighting, and an area rug to visually separate it all.  If you have space, add a file cabinet or bookcase.

It’s more important that ever to remember that, although it’s separate, everything still needs to blend in seamlessly and complement the other furniture in that room/

  • Laundry or mud room

If you have either of these, a simple setup will do. For example, a built-in desk where you can bring your laptop or calculator.

  • Office in the living room

This can be a little tricky, but it’s certainly doable with some thought.  On one hand, you may have a family or game room, so the living room may only be used for entertaining guests.

On the other, you may not have a family or game room so the entire family congregates there, making it one of the busiest places in the house.

Depending on that answer, you may decide to use a divider to section it off, or just use an area rug to delineate the area.  Either way, make sure everything complements the living room decor so it’s a cohesive unit.

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