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Creative Carpet Design Solutions for Established Families

Are you interested in finding ideas for creative carpet solutions that will work well for your established family residence? If so, you’ll want to consider this discussion of the latest home interior carpet trends.

Creative Carpet Shapes

Carpets and area rugs are available in a variety of intriguing shapes. It’s ideal to take advantage of some of the most playful design possibilities when decorating children’s bedrooms. A flower-shaped accent rug can add charm to a little girl’s room, while a surfboard-shaped area rug would be the perfect addition to a teenage boy’s room. Round, hexagonal and octagonal shaped rugs are also available. In the main living areas of the home, it’s more sensible to stick to classic rug shapes such as rectangles and squares.

Creative Carpet Textures and Patterns

Two-color carpet patterns are stylish right now. Top design motifs include ogees, quatrefoil designs, diamonds, tilted squares and other patterns with strong diagonal elements. Solid-colored carpets and textured carpets are classics, and these remain popular as well. The mid-century modern crowd is currently enamored with shag carpets. Two-tone textured Berber carpets are also in style right now.

Trendy Carpet Styles

Area rugs have been trendy for quite a while now, but the trend remains relevant and shows no sign of letting up. Some companies, like Carpet Weaver’s, know that stair runners and hallway runners are currently two of the trendiest residential carpet styles. Rug pads might not seem all that glamorous, but they’re an important addition to each room you decorate with rugs. The rug pads help with several aspects of rug maintenance, including keeping your rug in place and reducing the amount of abrasion it suffers when people walk on it.

Stylish Contemporary Carpet Fibers

Thanks to its warmth, comfort, resilience and durability, wool is the most desirable carpet fiber. Wool’s synthetic counterparts can’t compete in these areas, but they do beat wool when it comes to affordability. If wool rugs are priced out of reach for your family, popular synthetic alternatives are polypropylene, acrylic and nylon. You also have more choices in the natural fiber category including bamboo, jute and sisal, all of which are excellent to use for decorating family-friendly living spaces.

Now you’re up-to-date on the current trends covering 4 of the most important aspects of creative residential carpet solutions. These carpet suggestions are appropriate whether you’re decorating a single-family home, a multifamily home or an apartment. We hope you’ll keep these ideas in mind as you shop for the ideal carpet to install in your family’s home.