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Setting up a bar area in your house will
not only provide you with a cool spot to drink your favourite beverage and
sharpen your cocktail mixing skills. It can also easily become a popular
gathering place for your friends and family. We have selected an abundance of
ideas for you to pick and choose from for your home, so let’s dig in.
Entertaining Home Bar
Opting for open shelving setup will provide
you with an easy storing space without the addition of special cabinets. Make
it an all-white combination and you’ll have a stunning home bar in no time.
If you prefer to instill some masculine
energy in the bar space, we suggest you furnish the designated room with wooden
cabinets featuring horizontal grain. A pool table of similar finish would blend in nicely with
this drink haven. Lastly, a neat sliding door would make a great prop for the
hidden niche bar design. This way you can keep it away from kids, and reveal it
only when the guests arrive.
seating paraphernalia
Entertaining Home Bar

First on our list of unusual seating options
is the statement steel and copper frame. Complement the stylish selection with
soft beige or caramel tones for the backdrop and chair upholstery. You can also
choose to incorporate the living room area seats with the bar module and expand
your party circle. Finally, you can experiment with the unconventional bar
benches for a truly avant-garde bar experience.
selection of appliances
Entertaining Home Bar

If you’re keen on maintaining the
minimalistic feel to match the rest of your house interior, you can’t go wrong
with the stainless steel appliances. The sleek lines and neutral tint are
unequivocally timeless. From counter tops to elegant faucets and metallic
fridge, it all qualifies, just make sure you don’t generate an overly uniform
layout. Also, if you aim to impress, acquire an uncommonly seen piece for your
bar setting, such as a wine cooler and you won’t fail.
on materials
I’ve recently discovered a thoroughly
wow-worthy setup I simply have to share with you. This ship resembling bar with
metal-like construction carrying the veritable seafaring air matches
brilliantly with the bar’s innate purpose. To achieve a full effect, pair it
with a rugged wooden flooring, some ropes and background canvas portraying a
marine life scene.
Entertaining Home Bar
An equally powerful material you can
exploit for the special home bar setting is a mighty granite. An oversized
island can accommodate large crowds, and the surface is durable and easy to
clean. Moving on to a sustainable, nature-loving wicker table. Repurpose old chairs
and knick-knacks to create and arty corner for drink storing and serving.
To make a sophisticated and mysterious home
bar, select the darker tones for the island and visible cabinetry.  To make a setting that is a Sin City homage of
sort, accompany the dark, base elements with contemporary cafe furniture like standard
stools that accompany the overall feel of the typical bar. Instead of
frequenting the local pub, your friends will undoubtedly pay you a visit.
under the stairs
Whether you’re short on space or not (and
especially if you are!), you can turn the free space under the stairs into a
bar area. This gives it a unique, tucked-in character for the private
gatherings of enjoyers of fine beverages. You can make it a bar under the STARS
as well. Paint the ceiling black or dark blue and attach the crystal and/or
metallic accessories to mimic the starry night sky.
cart show
If you’re too busy to embark on a serious remodelling
adventure, a gold-finish, mid-century bar cart could suffice as a drink
dispensation unit for the guests. Make your visitors feel a bit like they’re
transported into the world of Med Men by obtaining this classic item.
of colour
A home bar has to be in neutral colours
that don’t stand out? Wrong. Bright orange or cobalt blue, pick a daring hue
after your own heart and enjoy it!

Get creative and resourceful with putting
together your very own home bar. We have provided you with an array of ideas
that will certainly help you in your deliberation.