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If you want your
property to look as great on the outside as it does on the inside then having
an unsightly water tank situated in your back yard can be a major problem. You
need to find a way to hide the tank from site so that your outside space is
easier on the eye. In an ideal world you want to find a solution that is not
going to cost a fortune and that it easy to accomplish.
We want to
provide you with some ideas about how you can hide the water tank from view.
This not only makes your yard a more pleasant environment for socialising; it
also improves the overall appearance of the outside of your property.

Creating a structure around the tank

One way to hide
a water tank in your back yard is to build a structure around it. You can
choose to build this structure out of various materials, such as wood
or brick. It’s important to remember that you need to have easy access to the water
tank so you should bear this in mind when you are creating the structure. It’s
also worth thinking about what is around and underneath the tank, and the area
around it.
If you need to
dig to create the new structure then you may want to look under any hard
surfaces, such as concrete, before you start. This reduces the chance of you
encountering any problems only the way. You can do this using a service such as
onesearchlocators.com.au. This enables you to see what is hidden beneath
solid surfaces before you disrupt them. Once you have created the structure you
can decorate it as you see fit, thereby creating a far more pleasant visual

Planting around the tank

If you do not
want to spend time creating a structure to hide the water tank in your back
yard you can plant shrubs and bushes around it. This gives the area a natural
look and helps to create a pleasant environment in which to entertain when the
weather is warm. When you are planning your planting do not forget to take into
account access to the water tank.

Using a distraction along the eyeline

It may be
possible to create
a more scenic environment in your back yard
without actually hiding your
water tank. A different way to deal with the problem is to create a distraction
along the same eye line as the tank. You could create a new seating area or
place hanging baskets along your fencing. If you do this the attention of
visitors will be drawn to the decoration rather than to the water tank.

Hopefully we
have provided you with some useful tips for making the water tank in your yard not
such an issue. We have provided you with a selection of options, from the very
simple and quick to the more permanent and time consuming; it’s up to you which
one you choose.