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Window seats give any home a classy feel and are more often found in Victorian-style houses. Many people may be wondering how best to use their window seat, and what they can do to add a little personal touch. This is the space in your home that the most natural light shines through, so creativity is important when deciding. It is important to ensure this area is well taken care off and that regular glass repairs are done on these windows.

There are so many creative ways to use window seats, but the choice is entirely up to the individual and their preferences. It also depends largely on which room the space is located. Below are a few creative ways to use window seats:

Allocate it as a Reading Area

Lots of people use this as a reading area and just add a few cushions to give it a comfortable feel. This way when you are reading, you can utilise the sun’s natural light. Its cosy and relaxing, to help you unwind from a tiring day at the office. You can also add a built-in bookshelf under this seat so that it is easy to access the reading material you want.

Use is a Dining Area

A table and chairs are added to the area and it becomes the perfect spot to have your morning coffee or simply have family breakfast.

Extend Your Living Room

This area can also be used as part of your living room. Adding a few chairs or sofas can turn this space into a delightful sitting area. The space creates a bit of privacy for people using it, as it is separate from the main living room yet still incorporated.

Use it to House Your Electronics

Many people may just create a comfortable space to “chill out” with your tablet or other electronic device. This space may also be ideal for a telephone line as it is convenient to answer a call and plop onto the comfy cushion nearby.

Prominently Display Your Art

This area can contain a host of artsy pieces which tie into the room as a whole. You could hang up some paintings, get creative with fabric textures and designs and simply express yourself through this space.

Use it as an Impromptu TV Stand

While this may not be the “norm” with window seats, more people are using this space in a modern way. TV pull-outs are creatively concealed on a wall just above the seat, in a master bedroom.

Create a Welcoming Space

When this area is decorated with big prints and colours, it creates a warm and welcoming space for guests. Pair this with a few bulky cushions an you’ve created a comfy spot for your visitors to also enjoy.

Store Your Pet’s Accessories

Since most people hardly use the space under the window seat, it is a convenient place for drawers that store your pet’s beddings and other accessories. They are also easier to access when needed.

Display Your Plants and Flowers

If this area attracts the most natural sunlight, it is an ideal place to display your beloved plants. This will ensure the plants get the light that they need, and it will provide a scenic view for you in the comfort of your living room, giving you an outdoor fell whilst being inside.

Enhance Your Kid’s Room

If this space is in a kid’s bedroom, a curtain can be added, with a cushion seating area and a few toys. This will create a little personal space for your child.

This is a fun way of expressing your personal style and creating a little section of the house that is unique to your home. You should do a glass repair immediately when noticing any chips or cracks in the windows in this area as it will be difficult noticing tiny pieces of glass on your cushion below.