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As much as we like to focus on the interior design of our homes, it surely does not hurt to pay a little attention to the outside appearance as well. And these are just a few ideas on how to make this appearance more appealing:

Refurbish &
You do not necessarily have to look like those
old couples from movies, sitting all day on their front porch looking at random
passers-by. But surely it would be satisfying knowing you have the luxury of
enjoying the view of your front yard by relaxing on your deck. Observe your
front porch as another room and try to match it with the rest of the house.
Pick quality wooden furniture, a few comfy rocking chairs, a table and you are
all set.

Have a Focal Point
A good trick that can greatly transform the
overall appearance of your home is adding a focal point. This does not
automatically have to be something humongous or extravagant as there are much
easier ways to attract attention. For instance, painting your front door in a bright colour that does not match the exterior can serve as a
great addition to the space. The same goes for window frames. If you are
feeling bold, you can also try placing a classy sculpture or a fountain in your
front yard.

Take a Step Forward
Contrary to popular belief, the porch is not
the only thing worthy of attention. So the best way to begin is from the
starting point – the gate. An unusual gate or fence design is also a good way
to embellish your property. But what is equally important is the path leading
to the front door. Cobbled stones or gravel paths make wonderful additions to
your home, especially if they are clean and free from garbage.
Liven It Up
Perhaps one of the most important aspects of
the exterior design is managing the front yard. Depending on the size of your
yard you can always do some slight landscaping that will beautify your space.
Topiary plants are always a nice choice, but it is good to know that you can
always count on perennials to the job. Container plants and landscaped beds are
also a nice addition, especially as they add colour and life to the yard.
Shed Some Light

Proper illumination always plays a huge role as
it greatly contributes to the overall ambience of the space. Ambience lighting
in the garden is crucial, but also lighting up your paths can make a big
difference. Illuminating your front porch with statement lights is a bold move
which can be very effective.

Do Not Forget the
The facade of your house represents its
personality. Before you decide to give it a fresh coat of paint, remember to
spruce it up a bit. Rendering and re-pointing the facade is also an important
part of the beautification process. Also, do not forget that well done cladding is still
one of the best choices to completely alter the look of your exterior.
The Power of Colour
During redecorating projects never
underestimate what colour can do to change the complete appearance. While most
people resort to matching their front porch with the rest of house, you can
always opt for a risky move of painting your porch in completely different
colours. If you do not wish to go over the top, then it is a good idea to
include an accent detail or perhaps different coloured lighting.

Almost always we can hear people saying not to
judge a book by its covers or that it is on the inside that counts. While this
might be true for a lot of things, it does not necessarily have to apply to
your home’s exterior. It surely is not a competition, but with these few tips,
your home can become that house on
the block.