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People who want to alter and improve the interior design used in their home will probably need to invest in some new curtains at some point. However, there are lots of different styles out there these days, and so you need some advice from the experts to ensure you understand the ins and outs and make the right decisions. With that in mind, this article features some descriptions that should help to set the record straight and ensure you grasp your options when visiting an online retailer or bricks and mortar store.

Eyelets (Also known as grommets)

If you want a modern aesthetic and a contemporary style; it doesn’t make sense to overlook the most popular types of curtains available on the market right now. Eyelets are often custom-made, and so you can buy them in almost any size you require. You just have to take some measurements and pass them onto the curtain specialists you select. If you choose to buy some ready-made curtains, the eyelets tend to be around 40 mm. However, it is possible you will find some variations out there. Eyelets are by far the most popular curtain type available today.

Table Top

Much like the eyelet style discussed in the last section, Table top curtains work with poles only and involve evenly spaced tabs along the top of the fabric. The average tabs in ready-made curtains tend to be around 7cm x 10cm, but it is possible to find other sizes out there. Table top curtains are perfect for your lounge and other communal areas. You can buy them in a range of different fabrics, but cotton is usually the most common. While moving the tabs can prove troublesome; table top curtains are perfect for adding some decoration to your living space.

Pencil Pleat

Stylish, contemporary, and elegant, the pencil pleat curtain style is usually a top choice for those who want to create a luxurious aesthetic. Pencil pleat curtains tend to consist of long, tight folds from the top, and they often work well in any room of the home. Most pleats measure around three-inches deep, and you can buy ready-made products or ask a specialist to create something made to measure. Lots of pencil pleat curtains use patterned fabrics, and so it is possible they could help to breathe some life into your home and provide the finishing touches for your interior design.

Now you’ve read about some curtain styles explained; you should find yourself in a better position to make the right decisions this autumn and winter. Of course, there are other curtain styles out there, but none are as popular as the ones mentioned in this post. If you would like more information or assistance when it comes to choosing the best curtains for your home, feel free to visit a reputable retailer an ask for their advice. If you’re looking to make your purchases online, email the company first and ask them to point you in the right direction. Enjoy!