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While revamping your home, you must be
thinking about whether you should install blinds, drapes, café curtains or shades.
It is very important to choose the right window treatment, as the overall look
depends upon on it.  In addition to this,
making a particular choice between curtains and blinds relies on various
factors. Size of the room, level of privacy, amount of light
and degree of maintenance required are just some of the few aspects that are to
be kept in mind while making the best buy.

Decide on between curtains and blinds 
·     Lounge
and living area-
Curtains are always the better option if you have big
majestic lounge area. It enhances the overall look of the area and adds glamour
to it. However, curtains can be avoided in a small room, as it can make it look
more compact and smaller. For smaller living areas, blinds can work best. Since
blinds stick only to the area of the window and do not hang up to the floor,
they look neat and nice. Blinds will control outside light, privacy, look and
will function in the perfect manner. Prefer choosing Roman blinds, as they are
the most stylish.

·   Bedroom- For
bedrooms, curtains can be the best option. Bedroom is a place where you need
maximum privacy and less sunlight. For people who like dark bedrooms, blackout
curtains can do wonders. In addition to this, curtains look much better than
blinds in a bedroom, as they make it appear cozier and warm. However, some
people who wish to make their room look wide go for roller blinds in their
bedroom. With such a large variety of curtains and blinds available, you can go
for the one that complements with the rest of the room interiors.

· Kitchen- Without
a doubt, your kitchen needs blinds. Kitchen is a place where there is always a
risk of spillage of liquids, food splashes and other types of mess. When you
install blinds in your kitchen, you remain free of worries at all times. Even
if blinds get dirty or splashed with gravies, they can be cleaned very easily.
You just need to wipe it gently with a damp cloth. You can choose to have
aluminum Venetian blinds, as they go well with any type of interior. For that
natural warmth, timber Venetian blinds can work best.

· Bathroom-
For the bathroom window, you must go for blinds. Curtains may get wet and soapy
if they are hung in bathrooms. To keep away from the mess and cleaning efforts,
try installing blinds. Roman blinds can be the finest alternative, as they are
available in various styles and finishes. You can pick either have timber
planks or pick out any fabric. Without a doubt, they look gorgeous and neat.

Besides this, if you still have any doubts in your mind, you
can always consult professionals. So, go for the best one and select wide range of high quality fabrics for attractive curtains and blinds. An interior decorator or a
professional drapery store can guide you with the most appropriate
type of curtains and blinds for your every room of the house. However, you must
check the fabric, style and design of the curtain and blinds yourself. It is
your personal choice when it comes to specific patterns, color and cloth type.
However, if you are going for timber styled blinds, make sure they have a nice
sheen and proper finishing. Similarly, for fabric blinds, make sure the fabric
is washable, and blocks enough sunlight to keep the inside of your house nice
and cozy.