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Curtains and drapery can define the theme of a room. For personal spaces, we tend to choose more communicative designs while for formal spaces a bit of eloquence and contemporary style is a good idea. There is a wealth of themes and tones that can accentuate your living or work space, breathing life into the furniture and room accessories.

Pick curtains keeping natural light in mind. Patterns like the Belvidere and Ashley by Clarke and Clarke showcase a quintessential British design – subtle, classy and aesthetic.

Curtains for Formal Spaces

If there is an office or meeting space that you have been thinking of redoing, curtains are not a bad, if slightly overlooked, idea. The fabric and design should reflect the philosophy of the place, in simpler words – a lawyer’s office might not look good with a tropical pattern curtain, while the friendly lay out of a tech start-up space can do without the monotones of a corporate hall.

Solid neutral tones are safe for a formal space and symmetric retro patterns also add elegance to the visuals of the place. Barcode style geometric patterns are the in thing; the Alawi print blends these with a spectrum of colours.

If you are picking up curtains for a hotel or restaurant choose patterns and hues that will complement the larger interior design of the place. Thick textures are ideal for an evening spot while light curtains suit the casual atmosphere of a cafe.

Brightening up the Kids Area

Easy to clean fabrics are recommended for kid spaces since you never know what children can be up to. Natural light and bright colours score high on visibility and warmth. Pleasant floral designs are a good choice and there are plenty to choose from.

Creating a Family Space

Measuring your curtains for a living space is important before you place an order. Curtains that brush the floor give an ideal backdrop for a living room, while for smaller spaces you can measure till the window sill to execute a neat look. Darker elegant shades have their charm and light contemporary designs allow more natural light.

Choose the made to measure option when picking up curtains so you will always get a customised product that seamlessly fits into your decor. Spend a bit of time in setting up your curtains. The heading style you choose for your curtain completes the look – choose a tailored look for a neat finish.

You don’t have to pick up curtains at premium rates. Save on the costs without compromising on quality by browsing Clarke and Clarke curtain fabric collections and more online. With discounts on larger quantities, you can enjoy a total makeover for the house interiors.

Clarke and Clarke is a family run establishment dedicated to fabrics and wall decor. In close to two decades, it has become one of the most popular brands in the country, boasting unique designs and collections.

From art deco inspired prints to luxurious velvety finishes and renaissance designs, you have a world of choices to create an aesthetically pleasing and warm space in your home or workplace. Get the basics right and enjoy your curtain shopping experience.