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Heating is rarely form over function. 

Though fireplaces have come on leaps and bounds over the heating devices of old,
the necessity of the device means that while you want something that looks
nice, you will always prioritise functionality.

This can present a problem to interior designers. If
fireplaces within your budget are all essentially the same apart from a few slight
variations here and there, how can you heat your home and do so in a
aesthetically pleasing way?
The answer lies beyond the world of fireplaces. There are
plenty of alternatives that, while not traditional, can really help add to your
home’s visual appeal. Here are just a few examples we have found.

Iron sculpture electric radiators 

We’ll start with an art movement involving traditional metal
radiators being built around to make them more appealing. Bronzed metal
sculptures with radiators present underneath them are great attention grabbers,
and can actually fill up a sizeable amount of wall space.

 Art heaters 

You can go further with the eye catching radiators with full
on art deco pieces. There is a whole world of unique, quirky modern art pieces
that double as heating devices, which run the whole spectrum from subtle to

 Flat wall heaters 

If something this loud isn’t to your taste, you could look
into the much more basic, but also more refined, flat wall heaters. These are
metallic squares or rectangles that you can place on your wall, with either a
small simple pattern or no pattern at all. Here you’ll find everything you need to know
about wall heaters.

Bladeless space heaters (Dyson) 

Moving away from art, the technology route might be a good
one to explore. Bladeless heaters are the 2015 equivalent of
those old one bar electric heaters, that besides being sleek and modern, are
also fascinating. It generates heat with no visible fans, and can be used to
cool the air too during the hot months.

Radiator furniture 

If you are happy with your wall decorations, you could
choose to instead replace a piece of furniture with a radiated equivalent.
Radiated coffee tables and chairs are just coming on to the market, and can
produce a cosy warmth without burning you or anything placed on it.

Outdoor heaters 

And finally, we can dive into the world of outdoor heaters.
this technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades, and
now they have the function figured out, they can now work on form. There are
tons of unique designs available, including ones with fire spinning effects!
That should warm things up this winter!