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The word “rustic” refers to the rural countryside, and there’s no doubt that home decor that evokes a rustic feeling is indeed very appealing. Home is where the heart is, and when home decor makes a person feel comforted and welcomed, it’s successful on every level.

Rustic decor has made a comeback in recent years, as many people long for that “from the heart” feeling of being welcomed and comforted. Though in years past a “rustic” look might involve dark wood paneling and high wingback chairs with duck-themed upholstery, today the idea of a rustic look is lighter and more sophisticated.Here are four tips for giving your home a more rustic appeal:

Bring in Natural Textures

One of the keys to achieving a rustic look is to go with natural textures. Natural textures, like woven baskets or cotton or linen chair or couch upholstery create a wonderfully welcoming feeling. All natural fabrics evoke the 18th Century (before the advent of polyester), and they combine beautifully with wood furniture and accent pieces.

Use Vintage Decorative Finds as Accents

Vintage objects make great decorative pieces, from silver teapots to aluminum wash tubs. Vintage aluminum tubs can also make great holders for arrangements of dried flowers and reeds. Vintage pieces from the industrial era (a vintage butter churn, a bird cage, or antique toys) create warmth and make an interesting commentary on our changing times as well.

Go with the Shakers

The Shakers were a religious society that began in the colonial era. They practiced the art of fine furniture making, and their clean, simple lines and fine use of wood made their chairs and tables very refined and certainly very rustic.

Bring in Textured, Natural Window Treatments

Window treatments in neutral or off-white shades can create a wonderfully rustic feel in a home. Gauzy cotton drapes, or cotton or satin drapes with fabric or rustic metal tie backs are a gorgeous way to add that timeless feel to a room. Such curtains or drapes, like those from Blind Magic, are an easy way to really bring a lot to your home decorating table.

There’s no doubt the rustic style is indeed timeless, so add some rustic appeal to your home, and enjoy the beauty and warmth of this type of decor. You may even want to incorporate this style into your winter décor as it can add a touch of romantic appeal or homey flair during the holiday season.