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On average people spend eight hours a day sleeping, which means an average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. Since you spend (or at least you should) so much time sleeping, you should do your best to improve the quality of your sleep and get the most out of that period of reenergizing. There are plenty of ways you can do this, including hydration, a balanced diet and meditation, but your sleeping environment also plays a major role in how much sleep you will be able to get and of what quality will that sleep be. Fortunately, you can change your room decor and thus create a perfect oasis that will guarantee you that good night’s rest. Here are some things you can do to transform your bedroom into a more sleep-friendly environment.


A bunch of clothes on a chair, old magazines stacked up on the nightstand, chairs you trip over when you get up in the morning… Sounds familiar? Clutter in your bedroom can burden your mind,make you feel anxious and keep you from falling asleep. So, get rid of all the unnecessary items and keep your bedroom nice and neat – that includes making the bed in the morning, too.

Use calming colors

The colors you choose to decorate your bedroom with determine much more than just style and fashion. They can also affect your mood and have a profound influence on the quality of your sleep. Colors that are too stimulating are a bad choice, while soothing shades like blue, yellow and green are believed to slow the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and induce sleep faster.

Put a reading lamp on your nightstand

If you like to read before you go to bed, you probably hate having to get up and turn off the lights when you decide it is time to go to sleep. Also, your partner might not be as enthusiastic about reading in bed as you are; they might prefer killing the lights immediately before going to bed. A reading lamp with a telescopic neck can help with that.

Get rid of electronics

Is your computer or TV in the bedroom? That may not be such a good idea since staring at a screen before you go to bed can cause eyestrain and stress, thus making your efforts to fall asleep much more difficult.

Make it cozy

A bedroom that looks and feels cozy will, naturally, help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more rested. The first item to think about is the bed, and by bed, we mean the mattress which should be supporting and comfortable. Pillows and beddings are also important, but you shouldn’t ignore your first contact with the floor when you get up either. Wall-to-wall carpet installation is a very popular choice for bedroom flooring, especially if the rug is made of natural materials.

Stay cool

While your bedroom should definitely look warm, it shouldn’t feel too warm, because high temperatures can make you tense. A temperature between 60º and 67º Fahrenheit will make you feel more relaxed. Also, taking a hot bath a couple of hours before going to bed is another great way to get ready for bed.

Keep the air clear

Pollen, dust mites and other indoor air pollutants can disrupt your sleep by causing allergic reactions, and triggering asthma and sinus problems. While plants seem like a good and natural way to purify the air, too many of them can have the opposite effect. On the other hand, an effective air purifier cancapture most common airborne allergens and neutralize them.

Block the lights

Natural light is great, especially during the day, but do you really need to spot every automobile light driving through your street in the middle of the night? Of course not, and that’s why you should install great window treatments which will block the outdoor lights during the night. Also, it is essential to avoid devices that can compromise the much-needed optimal amount of darkness, such as digital alarm clocks, phones, etc.

More about the visual warmth

Finally, there is one more thing you can do to enhance visual warmth:install a fireplace. Instead of opting for a traditional model which can further pollute the indoor air and make a mess in your bedroom, you can decide for a modern chimney-free electric alternative that scores all the right points but doesn’t cause you any trouble.

By following these tips you will be able to transform your bedroom into a true sleep-inducing oasis. So, good night and sleep tight.