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If you want to know how to decorate gardens without spending a lot of money, you are in the right place; you should only take advantage of what you have at your fingertips, using it in the best way.

Customizing your garden does not necessarily mean a large financial expense, so we have compiled a series of ideas on how to decorate gardens with little budget, you just have to pay attention to the following:

Contribution to your home:

It is not necessary to be a professional gardener in how to decorate your gardens, you can prepare your own fertilizer using remains of fruits, vegetables, plants and leaves, and it is a healthy and thrifty idea to take care of your green spaces.

Buy durable plants:

Choose plants with different flowering cycles, in this way your garden will be colorful all year round. Choose autochthonous species, which are much more resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, so you do not need to spend so much on gardening items for maintenance.

It is also good that you choose the right plants for the climate of the place where you live, because in how to decorate gardens, the choice of species is the first step.

Instead of using traditional pots:

Recycle, you can use any type of container, such as cans, plastic, cans, that you no longer need for another purpose. Also on how to decorate gardens, they are an excellent option, which can also give a touch of originality.

You just have to adapt them; making holes in the lower area, to serve as a pot, leaving them well clean before planting your plants.

Add other decorative objects:

You can restore some old furniture and place it as a decoration in your garden, anything you do not use at home is useful, you can also create a space to sit with your loved ones to relax, among your beautiful plants.

Become very attentive to pests:

This also makes decorating gardens much cheaper, since if your plants are attacked you will have to spend money on insecticides or other plants to replace them.

Eliminate the withered flowers and water with great care in less hot hours of the day, adding the necessary nutrients to your plants, this will save you money, since the withered flowers weaken the whole plant.

Opt for the ecological:

The ecological gardening has become very fashionable, and it helps a lot in how to decorate gardens with little money, since it is about creating your own fertilizers and herbicides with homemade products, in addition you will be being generous with the environment and avoiding toxicity for your plants .

Reuse what you can:

The plastic bottles are very durable; you can locate several and hang them on a wall, in different heights, creating a vertical garden, without the need for pots. You can also use an old tire as a pot, you just have to put some mesh or wire mesh in the bottom and plant what you want. A creative idea on how to decorate gardens.

Paint the cheerful colored containers. Using them in flowers and plants with colorful leaves, in this way you will save money, instead of buying new pots, also promotes recycling.

Do not renew perennials:

These only grow once a year, so it is not advisable to have them in your garden, as they will not last longer than their own nature allows, so they are not recommended in how to decorate gardens with little money.

Eliminate weeds:

Stay alert especially in summer, which increase these unwanted plants, harming the rest of the species.

Choose flowers well:

Do not let yourself be alone for the beauty of garden flowers, since many require a climate different from yours or they need a specific type of soil that you cannot provide. Make sure before you can adapt to the type of land and weather conditions in your area.

Practice gardening:

It is not necessary to be a professional in gardening services, but research about methods to harvest and how to decorate gardens.

When you re-sow:

Verifying that there are no pests, fungi or parasites present, that may affect the new species and that the land is properly fertilized, this will make it adapt well and can develop optimally.

Gather the stones you find in your garden:

That maybe you find them useless and make paths and separations with them, you can even paint and decorate them, giving a modern touch to the green space.

Plant trees on a trellis:

It is an incredible idea on how to decorate gardens, you just have to prune it constantly and choose the best species.

Create seats with concrete blocks:

In how to decorate gardens, it is an incredible alternative, to gather some blocks and pillows, creating decorative benches.

Create portability for your garden:

Locate polished glass pieces of various colors, attach each piece with nylon threads and place them in some available trunk, so you can have a creative option on how to decorate gardens without spending money.

Make stepped structures:

With economic resources such as wood planks, rocks and gravel, help yourself with a little sand. Therefore, you can spread it where you will make the steps and then place the gravel, the sand will make them more stable, preventing the rocks from slipping, with the planks you can mark the steps, then you can place your pots and favorite plants there.

Make roads with wooden pallets:

In how to decorate gardens, this can give a more homelike touch to the space, you can also place some green plants and rocks on the edges.

Use bottles as hanging flowerpots:

Find a little rope, bottles and small plants, to make pots with a lot of style, hanging in your garden, being the focus of attention for the spectators.

Propagate your plants:

It is a good idea to decorate gardens and save money, in addition to maintaining your leafy spaces. You only have to make cuttings in the plants that you like the most or take the seeds with care of the species that multiply in this way, thus saving money in the acquisition of new specimens for your garden.