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‘You can never have enough shoes’, a saying
which many adhere too, however, taking your love of shoes to the next level is
a whole new ball game! This infographic shows how shoes are used as a source of
inspiration by interior designers. They have used the form of high-heels,
sandals and actual shoes to create amazing pieces of furniture and home
From a stiletto in the form of a
super-sleek office desk with a sexy red high-gloss top, to a bath that allows
you to literally immerse yourself inside a gorgeous contemporary shoe-bath
while you relax, designers have taken the shoe-form to create some fabulous
everyday furniture items.
If you are looking for a statement piece
that will be a real conversation opener, a set of stiletto inspired dining room
chairs is the ideal choice for shoelovers. Or maybe you just want a quirky addition to your home in the form
of a coffee table which has human-form legs, complete with high-heeled shoes.
The infographic showcases some of the most
unusual and beautiful shoe inspired furniture and accessories. You will find
that whatever your shoe-style, more especially if you love sexy high-heels,
there is a piece of furniture or an accessory to use in your home.

Be creative, beautiful shoes can be used to
house audio speakers, plants or used to create visual wall-art. Use this
infographic as a source of inspiration to create your own beautiful shoe themed
home décor.