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En-suite bathrooms, once an exclusive feature of only the
most expensive of houses, are now becoming more and more common, as people are
deciding to rip out previously neglected cupboards and turn them into

 The reasons for this change range from very obvious to
circumstantial. Clearly, the best reason to get one is the convenience it
brings. No longer do you have to dash across the landing or, worst still, go
downstairs to go to the toilet – now you needn’t leave the room! On the less
obvious side of the scale, en-suites can add a good deal to your property price,
should you choose to sell.
 Decorating these small rooms comes with quite a few issues
to tackle, but thankfully the rise in popularity of en-suites means there are
now abundant solutions to these little problems. We’ll touch on a few today,
and hopefully by the end you’ll have a good idea of how to decorate your mini bathroom.

 Size right

 The key aspect to nail when it comes to en-suite decoration
is size. Obviously, you’ll be working in a room with less space than your full
bathroom, and that means you’ll be working with a different set of appliance
options. Full size sinks, showers and toilets are a bad move in such confined
spaces, so make sure you buy size appropriate items. Reduced height showers and
shallow basins are common items in bath stores now, so make sure you aren’t
filling this tiny area with appliances that are too big.

 Don’t try to get everything in there 

Even within the en-suite world, there can be major size
differences. Some en-suites can comfortably fit a toilet, a sink, a vanity unit
and a showers. Others however may not have the room for all four. These
cloakroom sized en-suites have to adapt to this, as the biggest problem you
could have is an en-suite too crammed full to be convenient. Sacrifice the
shower and the vanity unit, and you’ll still have a convenient room for your
most frequent bathroom uses.

 Don’t over-elaborate 

Appliances aside, it is also important not to go over the
top with aesthetic decoration. We’ll never encourage you to make a room look
bad or lacklustre, but you have to weigh up just how extravagant you want to
make a room that few other people are likely to use. A room that is too busy
with it’s tiling or decorative items can feel cramped, and can easily become overly
expensive. You’ll be ruining the simple appeal of an en-suite.

Aim for speed

 Layout is a very important aspect to get right in such a
small space. If you put the basin right next to the door, you may find that you
keep walking into it when you dart in during the night! Similarly, make sure
you take into account how much room you have with the door closed. There are plenty of examples online of en-suites clearly
designed with the door open, that fall apart when the door closes. Make sure
you can sit on the toilet without your knees in the doorframe!

 Make it look spacious

 We keep referring to the lack of space in these rooms, so
make sure as a finishing touch you include one or two mirrors in the room.
These naturally make the room look bigger, and more brightly lit by reflecting
light all around the room. Include a big window, and you won’t feel trapped
whilst you get ready in the morning.