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We always get more excited about kid’s rooms than our own because it brings back our memories and lets look at some of the ideas to give our children even better memories to cherish. As simple as they seem, nurseries are quite complicated to decorate and manage. Kid’s room should be the most well-thought part of your house. There are a number of ways in which you can set the ambience of children’s room such that it helps them sleep and has a little bit of fun as well.

First of all the most important thing is to set the temperature of the room in a comfortable range. It should not be very cool or too warm to sleep in. Kids are very seldom calm even while asleep, he/she may not keep the blanket on through the night and this can ruin quality of sleep as well as health of your child too. Fatigue is the most common consequence of cold or hot rooms and in both cases, it affects their health and activities as well.

Another factor accounting for sound sleep of your child is the bed. It should be comfortable and reachable for your child as well. Low profile beds are a good choice for children who can walk. For toddlers and newborns,  the choice is yours as you are going to carry them to bed. You can use bunk beds if the kid’s room has less space but keep in mind, do not use up all the space for the bed. There are different shapes available in beds and hopefully when the toddlers are able to shift into their beds from babycots, they start being choosy about the stuff they want. You can buy a bed that is of your kid’s favourite cartoon movie like a car bed, boat shape or so. There is a lot of variety available in such beds and for sure there is something for him/her as well. These  beds have perfect height and your kid will love it and you also as long as even the memory of his/her favourite bed stays.

It is very important to have a separate portion designated for playing in the room. Either a rug or a kid’s size table with two or three chairs. If the bed is for playing as well, he/she will have trouble sleeping so just keep the bed for only sleep time. In this portion you can place a colorful floor rug and cabinets for keeping toys. The extra chairs can be for friends of guest’s kids, it will keep them busy in that area only and they’ll be more than happy to do so. Even in our childhood we had some toys that we wanted to keep in front of our sight only so do not expect your child to behave otherwise. You can keep and open shelf for these or a basket for the toys he/she uses more often.

Kid’s room is their territory and even when you are in control of it actually, he/she should be allowed to feel its their. This room should be personalised according to the personality and choice of your child and not what you think looks childish or cute. You may find pink or blue color more appropriate for kid’s room but may be he/she likes some other. Let it be their choice. You can make a wall of the room into their personalized art gallery where you can hang their artwork, photos, achievement certificates, name initials, a poster of their favourite character or animal etc. This will give a sense of ownership of that area of the house to your kids and also they’ll have plenty of stuff to brag about to their other young fellows.