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The interior of your house speaks for your praise. Therefore having an interior that is glamorous yet unique and cool for the house is absolutely important. The home décor areas in the recent past have increased demand for soft and attractive designs. And ikat is growing as a world favourite in this sweep.

Why ikat?

Ikat is basically a method of dyeing clothes but in the most unique and a traditional way. In the process of this type of dyeing, only a particular part of the thread as desired gets coloured creating unique vibrant patterns. The world goes gaga over ikat mainly because of this unique colour patterns created. The patters are often complex and yet simple and vibrant. The best thing about ikat is the fact that they can be used in any place. They can suit in almost anywhere and everywhere making a gorgeous interior.

Unique ideas to use ikat in designing your interior

Ikat is just perfect for any place and here are a few of the most unique ideas implementing which you can get a perfect looking interior in the most idiosyncratic way:

  • Use ikat pattern for a shower curtain- Taking a shower is one of the most relaxing parts of our daily busy life. Having a calm and soothing look inside the bathroom especially in the shower area increase the sense and feel of relaxation. It is believed in many theories that a colour effect can regulate the peace of mind. Having a simple patterned ikat for your shower curtain can not only enhance the look of the bathroom but will also create the aura within it. A soft looking shower curtain that can rest your eyes yet can give the bathroom a vibrant look is all that you need for the perfect design of your bathroom. And ikat can perfectly portray such beauty. Simple ikat designs that are similar to a polka dot design just in a better manner can be the perfect idea.

  • Customize your dinner set with ikat design- This is one of the coolest and most unique ideas to implement. Customizing your dinner set with ikat pattern will create a mesmerising look for your simple looking dining table. This can be one of the classiest ideas to decorate your dining experience. Each of us always wish to have a special and distinctive dining experience but decorating your dining table each day in a new way is really not possible.

Changing the crockery is an option which you can easily decorate with Ikat fabric. Just to add some unique flavour in that use ikat pattern. Dinner sets seldom comes with ikat patterns therefore you can simply customize them. Ikat patterned dinner set looks gorgeous and makes your dining experience a little extra special. Moreover matching your dinner set with your interior can be a fun experience as well.

  • Ikat wallpapers- If you are really fascinated with ikat then you can simply have an overload of the design by using it as the wallpaper for your rooms. Because of the fact that ikat comes in various colour combinations and patterns therefore contrasting them with the colour of your walls can be easy. Just be playful while you choose your pattern. This will help you to choose the most refreshing pattern.

The best thing is that even after you try them playfully without really concentrating much on the designing part yet you will find yourself ending up creating an amazing look. That is the charm of ikat. They can just make things look gorgeously graceful. Most people love heavy patterns for their wallpapers but using ikat can give the heavy look in the simplest way that can highlight the wall yet look sober and soft.

  • Ikat in designing furniture covers- Giving your lounge room a hint of a highlight can be really attractive. Use ikat covers in one of the furniture or storage of your lounge room. This will highlight the area in the most unique way. Use a simple light coloured pattern and that will be perfect enough to finish the look. Using a little different pattern in your interior can be a perfectly simple highlighter. And ikat can do the job in the best way. It serves just like that unique taste of a plum inside a cake. The highlight look refreshing and never make the lounge room look boring. The spark of the uniqueness is simply created when you use this simple decorative method.

  • Brighten up your simple looking wall with an ikat designed pin board- If you are looking for an easy and quick remodelling of your rooms then the most distinctive idea can be using an ikat patterned pin board. A simple looking pin board can be enough to brighten up your wall and this will affect the look of the whole room. Pin boards are always necessary for a room and therefore just adding some funk to it with the ikat design will not only create a handsome look for the pin board but can also give a wonderful look to the rooms. This is a quick hack for an attractive remodelling.