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A common challenge facing the owners of furnished rental properties is complaints about the rooms being too small. Upon hearing such complaints, most landlords get confused and unsure of what to do. Some might contemplate flipping the rental property to secure roomy ones while for others, modifying the property’s layout to make the tenants happy might seem the reasonable solution.

There is no doubt that having spacious rooms will always make it easier to advertise your property. However, you do not need to modify the structural layout of the building or break to down the walls to create bigger rooms. The following are excellent tips that you can use to create such an impression.

7 Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger

Space out the furniture

At times what makes the room appear cramped is the furniture arrangement. Instead of sprawling furniture all over, or shoving them against the wall, consider angling or floating them. For instance, you could float a sofa in the living room and add a lean console behind it. When it comes to the bedroom, angling the bed is an excellent way of making the room airy and spacious. Alternatively, you can place large furniture pieces against the wall, where they do not block the pathways or view.

Invest in multifunctional furniture pieces

As a property owner and maybe landlord, multifunctional pieces can you give you a great advantage as they appeal to more people, using them will help you advertise your rentals to a broader audience. Bearing in mind that furniture takes up a lot of space, it is prudent to go for furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, a sofa that transforms into a bed, or a chest that doubles as a coffee table. Similarly, you could get an expandable or foldable dining table, which you can tuck away when not in use. Another practical solution is an ottoman that has built-in storage, which you can use to tuck away books, blankets, or pillow cases.

Avoid too much clutter

Many landlords, with the intention of making the tenants happy, end up stuffing the room with too many furniture pieces and accessories. As a result, the house ends up being small and squeezed. Refrain from falling into that trap, by de-cluttering the room. Get rid of unnecessary items and only have those that are essential. For instance, you could limit the number of furniture pieces, electronic equipment, and wall décor, as these crowd up the room. Furthermore, take the time to neatly arrange the items to make the room open and orderly.

Use mirrors

One of the fastest and efficient ways of making a room seem bigger and spacious is by using mirrors. If you place them well, they can produce remarkable results. All you need to do is to identify a focal point, and then angle all your mirrors towards it, to create the illusion of depth. What makes mirrors efficient is their ability to reflect light to different surfaces in the room. Besides, you do not have to get an oversized wall to wall mirror to actuate the desired effect. You can use other equally effective alternatives like glass table tops, mirrored cabinet doors as well as mirrored doors.

Be creative with color

Color has the uncanny ability to transform a room by creating diverse effects. For instance, while bright walls can help to create an illusion of depth, when you combine them with a ceiling that has darker shades and fun fixtures, you end up with an endless height illusion. You can also achieve similar results by arranging your furniture according to their color and height.

Use lighting

Nothing opens up a room better than light. Both natural and artificial light can illuminate a room to make it look livelier and widespread. For this reason, take the time to ensure that your rental property has adequate lighting. Not only will the brightness add life to your property, but it will be a strong selling point when you advertise your property. The good thing about lighting is that there are many different options which you can use. For example, you can install large windows on your rental property to give room for more natural light to radiate into the home. Similarly, if the property lacks access to natural light you can use lighting fixtures to create exciting effects.

Play with colors

Undoubtedly, bright colors are reflective and can make a room seem bigger and sunnier. Why not use that rationale to your advantage and transform your rather small rental units into airy and spacious living rooms? Since paint is all about creativity, you can try out various ideas and see which one appeals to you the most. For instance, you can use pale colors like cream, light gray, pale blue and white on the walls. Another brilliant idea is to apply different shades of the same color on the walls, which will result in an expansive room effect.