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With the summertime behind us in the UK and the garden furniture put away for another year, many property owners turn their attention to interior home improvements. Sadly, DIY injuries continue to happen from home owners attempting DIY projects on their own. And while we can’t cover them all, the following infographic from the team at Westfarm Windows, shows some of the most popular DIY injuries and suggestions on ways to avoid them.

It doesn’t take much to injure yourself when tackling DIY jobs around the home, but prevention is certainly better than cure. Did you know that a growing number of DIY related accidents are a result from consuming alcohol before tackling a DIY task? So if you plan on having a beer on the day of your planned DIY, at least wait until the job is done and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a beer afterwards.

Avoiding DIY accidents can be as simple as wearing the right clothing, wearing protective glasses and making sure all equipment is secure and in good working order. The well researched infographic below shows the data from some of the most common injuries sustained while taking on a DIY project.