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There are wide varieties of tiles available in the tiles industry. However, digital wall tiles manufacturers have distinct range of tiles that vary from other products. There are vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, quartz stone tiles, pebble tiles, quarry tiles, and more types available in the market. These tiles are dissimilar from digital tiles. You can avail digital tiles for floors and walls from manufacturers. In this article, we will talk about different range of tiles that you can easily get from the market.

Vitrified tiles – Vitrified tiles are manufactured by using vitrification method. In this method, tiles are created with least porosity. Virtified tiles are stain proof and sturdy in structure. These tiles are used in place of marble and granite flooring. The tile is made by baking fine minerals including silica and clay at higher temperatures at which individual grains melt and fuse to make a vitreous surface.

Porcelain tiles – Porcelain is a white, translucent ceramic made by using pure clay. These tiles are hard and baked at high temperatures. After baking, glazing is done with colored fusible materials by professionals. Porcelain is hard yet delicate material used for making cups, dining set, plates, pots, etc.

Quartz stone tiles – These tiles are the composite material. The two stones are used by manufacturers to produce these tiles, i.e. quartz and marbles.

Quarry tiles – These tiles are the building construction product manufactured by the extrusion process. In the process, manufacturers use natural clay or shale to create quarry tiles. Traditional quarry tiles were unglazed and available in grey or red color. These tiles are used for flooring.

Mosaic tiles – Mosaic is the art of forming images by assembling small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. Most of these tiles are prepared from small, flat, uneven square pieces of stone or glass of distinct colors.

Pebble tile – Pebble tiles are made from small pebbles that are attached to a backing. These tiles were first designed in Indonesia using pebbles that are found in several locations of the country. Today, these tiles use all types of stones and pebbles from across the world.

Digital Wall Tiles are different from these listed tiles. These are the glazed ceramic tiles that can be availed in a variety of designs, art work, and surface texture, such as bamboo, wood grain, stone, slate, etc.

You can contact digital wall tiles manufacturers to avail the best designs at affordable prices. If you require other types of tiles listed above, you can ask the manufacturers as they can easily arrange them for you.