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Diwali is most popular festival
in India which celebrates by every community. These days every street of India
is decorating through lights and diyas. On this occasion of Diwali we want to show our culture to the whole world, so here I am sharing some beautiful Diwali moments.

When Diwali comes then every
women wants to decorate home in a unique way because they knows this is the
perfect time to give a new look to their homes. On the occasion of Diwali
people goes to meet their relative and friends. They distribute sweets and cracks

Diwali is a
festival that takes place on the 13th day of the month of Ashwin in the Hindu
calendar, which makes it somewhere in October or November depending on the
year. This year, Diwali will celebrate on November 11th.

Although there are a few different beliefs in India about the
origins of the festival, most people believe the lights invite the Goddess of
Fortune and Wealth (Lakshmi Pooja). It is an opportunity for a clean slate,
houses are cleaned and scrubbed, accounts are settled, forgiven, or simply
reviewed, and new clothes and things are bought and worn.

The main decoration is a lot of lights, but you can see a lot of
tiny oil clay lamps (diyas) all over inside and out of houses. Fireworks,
firecrackers, flowers, and sweets are shared by the family. Rangolis (floor
decorations made of rice and sand) are a nice craft to try with the kids.

Home Decor Expert wishes you a happy and safe Diwali to you and your family! Enjoy 🙂