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Whether you’re moving into a new home, renovating your existing one or just have a few tasks to do, it can be tempting to do them all yourself. While this will save money and can leave you with a great feeling of accomplishment, there are some DIY tasks it’s best to let the experts handle to avoid big mistakes and the extra costs fixing them can bring. These are some of the best DIY jobs you can do yourself and important ones to leave to the professionals.  

DIY Jobs to Complete Yourself

To save money and time there are plenty of DIY jobs almost anyone can do with the right equipment and instructions.

Paint Your Home

It’s hard to go wrong painting walls, doors and ceilings at home (aside from choosing an awful colour). All you need are a few tins of paint, brushes and sheets to lay down and prevent the carpet getting splashed.

Fix Doors and Windows

Windows can often get stuck if they’re not opened regularly. All you need to do is clear out any dirt and use some WD40 to loosen it up and get it opening and closing smoothly. Fixing doors when a handle has come off or needs replacing is simple too. Invest in an impact driver for loosening and tightening screws along with a fresh handle and fittings.

Unclog Drains and Pipes

There’s not always a need to call a plumber if you’ve got a clogged toilet or sink. Try using a plunger first or pouring in excess water and giving a few good thrusts first, which should clear minor toilet clogs. For pipes you should turn off the water and can then unscrew the compression nuts on some kitchen and bathroom pipes to safely remove them and clear out any blockages.

Assemble Furniture

Flatpack furniture is just like a giant jigsaw, no professional help should be needed here!

DIY Jobs to Leave to the Professionals

There are many DIY jobs that amateurs will read up about on line and think they can easily do themselves to save money. However, certain tasks such as the following ones should always be left to the experts for varying reasons.

Electric Wiring

A large risk of electrocution and accidentally cutting off the power to the rest of your home should literally turn you off doing any wiring. Unless you’re a trained electrician or simply rewiring a plug, avoid at all costs.

Gas Repairs

If you smell a gas leak, call your energy provider or the gas emergency phone line immediately. Don’t try to fix the issue yourself as you put yourself at risk of being further exposed to the gas and carbon monoxide poisoning. The same is true for trying to fix a dodgy gas appliance.

Knocking Down Walls

Always get the advice of a structural engineer before thinking about knocking down any internal wall. If this goes wrong the consequences could lead to severe structural damage, plus gas and electric problems if such wiring is within the wall you attempt to knock down.

Installing a new Bath

Fitting a new bath may seem like something anyone can do by following the right instructions, but you can break water regulations doing so. Get a professional in to do this as they’ll stick to the right side of the law and get it done efficiently.

When working on your home, think about whether you should use an expert before you begin.